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Desert Notes: Reflections in the Eye of a Raven

Desert Notes Reflections in the Eye of a Raven None

  • Title: Desert Notes: Reflections in the Eye of a Raven
  • Author: Barry López
  • ISBN: 9780836206616
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Hardcover
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    • [PDF] Download » Desert Notes: Reflections in the Eye of a Raven | by ☆ Barry López
      461 Barry López
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] Download » Desert Notes: Reflections in the Eye of a Raven | by ☆ Barry López
      Posted by:Barry López
      Published :2019-02-01T05:43:21+00:00

    1 thought on “Desert Notes: Reflections in the Eye of a Raven

    1. You can definitely tell this is one of his earlier works the stories fluctuate between beautiful portraits of landscapes to tales with direction and that tinge of surrealness that I love.

    2. This short book has more in common with poetry than essays or even short stories. They are vignettes that are not true to reality, perhaps more like folklore or fairy tales. They are somewhat odd little pieces are all reminiscent of the desert, being fully in the desert. It's interesting and lyrical. Not quite like what I expected but I enjoyed it well enough.

    3. For me, Barry Lopez can do no wrong. His prose is strange and poetic, and perhaps not for everyone. There is a certain mysticism here, although I imagine Lopez might dispute that. I read this, together with 'River Notes.' Each chapter is a musing on nature and man's place in - or outside it. Sometimes these read as short stories, sometimes they are more observational, like a nature diary. What I like and respect most about his work, is how everything slows down so that the reader is there, in th [...]

    4. I would like to tell you how to get there so you may see all this for yourself. But first a warning: you may already have come across a set of detailed instructions, a map with every bush and stone clearly marked, the meandering courses of dry rivers and other geographical features noted, with dotted lines put down to represent the very faintest of trails. Perhaps there were also tiny warnings printed in tiny red letters along the margins, about the lack of water, the strength of the wind and th [...]

    5. This short book is about Lopez's experience in the desert and the imagination and inspiration it inspired. Except for the introduction, the stories make almost no sense, although this could be passed off as a matter of personal taste and interest. The introduction describes his experience driving a van across a desert playa or, rather, watching his van move across the desert without him driving it. The van is made to drive in lined out roads and to meet stop lights. On the desert playa, the van [...]

    6. I've just re-found this book, and it is a trip back in time. A trip to a very much younger self, when I'd just left the deep green woods of Washington state for the stark, seer vistas of the desert. This book, with its poetry and mysticism, helped me learn to see, to hear, to breathe in and know the magic that is the desert. It taught me to endure its terrible and wonderful silences, and ultimately to love it even more than the place of my youth.This is magical, mysterious, esoteric and sublime, [...]

    7. Compared to his other stuff, almost all of which I love, this one is very surreal and hard to follow the first time through. I liken it to being lost in the desert, or suffering from mild heat stroke or dehydration and feeling a bit disoriented. If you love the desert you will learn to love this book and will find yourself going back to it again and again.

    8. Very poetic language as he describes the the desertwhich has been a land of my passion ever since I read Desert Solotaire way back in the early 80s.

    9. Poetry as prose. A new mainstay for my rucksack, for many hikes to come. Surreal, beautiful, breathing with life.

    10. An excellent collection of shorter fiction by Barry Lopez, highly recommended for those who liked River Notes and Winter Count.

    11. This is the best book on the desert I have ever read, and that is it. Mysterious, dreamy and full of magic just like the desert itself. Genius in my opinion.

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