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Stonewords: A Ghost Story

Stonewords A Ghost Story Zoe s grandparents think that Zoe Louise is Zoe s imaginary friend The truth however is that Zoe Louise lived in Zoe s house a century ago and her ghost has returned to solve a terrible mystery An

  • Title: Stonewords: A Ghost Story
  • Author: Pam Conrad
  • ISBN: 9780060213169
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Library Binding
  • Zoe s grandparents think that Zoe Louise is Zoe s imaginary friend The truth, however, is that Zoe Louise lived in Zoe s house a century ago, and her ghost has returned to solve a terrible mystery An eerie and gripping time fantasy Conrad s spare, vivid prose sustains the suspense, drawing readers inexorably toward a climax as satisfying as it is unexpected SLZoe s grandparents think that Zoe Louise is Zoe s imaginary friend The truth, however, is that Zoe Louise lived in Zoe s house a century ago, and her ghost has returned to solve a terrible mystery An eerie and gripping time fantasy Conrad s spare, vivid prose sustains the suspense, drawing readers inexorably toward a climax as satisfying as it is unexpected SLJ 1990 Boston Globe Horn Book Award for Fiction Honor Book1990 Notable Trade Books in the Language Arts NCTE 1991 Choices Association of Booksellers for Children Children s Books of 1990 Library of Congress 1991 Books for the Teen Age NY Public Library 1991 Best Juvenile Mystery Mystery Writers of America Parenting Honorable Mention, Reading Magic Award1995 California Young Reader Award

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      238 Pam Conrad
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    1 thought on “Stonewords: A Ghost Story

    1. This book scared me to death in fourth grade, but it was still one of the books that I kept going back to. I reread it earlier this year when I subbed in my old classroom (hi, nostalgia!), and it's a solid read. Creepy, with a well-wrapped up ending, and great for kids 10 - 13 who like a little fear with their recreational reading.

    2. This was another book that I read over and over when I was young. I think I got it from a book fair, and I loved it. The ghost story was creepy enough to give me goosebumps on the 23rd read-through, but not scary enough to give me nightmares. The cover of the book I had (have, probably, at my momma's house) is of a girl with a skeleton hand, which, come on, tell me what child wouldn't want to read that book? Mmm, time-travel ghost story deliciousness. I also vividly remember Zoe's relationship w [...]

    3. I picked this up in my recent quest for middle grade horror (both for nostalgia and research purposes). :)I think if I'd read this at age 10-11, I probably would have loved it to the point of obsession. It's tightly written and I very much liked the protagonist, a young girl left to live with her grandparents by her flighty (and possibly crazy) mother. As soon as she arrives, her haunting beginsThe plot is appropriately simple for the target audience, but there were still aspects of the mystery [...]

    4. First, let me tell you about the story have for this book. In the 6th grade I had the worst teacher ever! Mrs Wolff, I think she got real pleasure out of hating me. I think she even tried to get me out of her class and into another 6th grade class at one point which would have been fine by me, but I digress, so we were assigned to read four of five books out of ten books for various projects and such, and I had read four and was just beginning to read this one, when the deadline to read was up. [...]

    5. So I read this in the 5th or 6th grade, and remember it's pleasing red hardback cover (I never kept the dust jackets), it's enticing cream pages, deceptive slimness. It creeped me out, this child- ghost story. I remembered the scene where Zoe Louise stood in the middle of the dinner table, kicking the roast in front of oblivious adults. And the love/repulsion Zoe felt for Zoe Louise, which I also felt. I adored it so much I thought about naming my little girl Zoe Louise. Unfortunately I lent it [...]

    6. I absolutely LOVE YOU GoodReads, for putting this in my recommendations. I read this book as a kid but had almost completely forgotten about it until today. I'm giving it four stars based on my memory of reading it more than once. I couldn't get enough of ghost stories back then, and this was a good one from what I remember. I also have this book to thank for my ability to correctly pronounce the name Zoe. Hilarious blast from the past, love it.

    7. My daughter read and re-read this book when she was about 11 years old. She kept telling me about the two "Zoe's" and how fantastic the story was so I decided to read it too. I was totally caught up in the story! The ghost story combined with time travel really appealed to me - but more than anything else, Pam Conrad (may she rest in peace) knows a child's heart - and ultimately, it is her themes of friendship and love, coupled with longing and loss that makes this book extraordinary.

    8. Good, solid, middle-grade ghost story. I would have LOVED it when I was 9 or 10. There are some really beautiful descriptions, too.

    9. This was my all time favorite book when I was younger! I checked it out from the Highgate Elementary School library more times than I could count! Perhaps it's time for a re-read many years later :)

    10. "Stonewords: A Ghost Story" by Pam Conrad is a very well written and cliffhanger filled book. I absolutely loved it! The author leaves you wanting to read the second book because the first on was so good.The main character is named Zoe, and so is her mysterious friend. They are both really good friends. Zoe, the main character, explains what happened during the time period of her life as if she is reflecting on everything that happened. As in "The ghost was in my life right from the beginning,". [...]

    11. Stonewords: A ghost Story by Pam Conrad was a chilling story about a girl named Zoe and the life of her and her ghost friend, Zoe Louise. Zoe is a strong and brave girl. So, they've been great friends since Zoe was at least four. They have some fights sometimes but, that is only because they did not understand each other. Those fights didn't matter, they were good friends, so good that as Zoe got older, she noticed Zoe Louise would not visit her as often and wanted to do something. "As Zoe gets [...]

    12. This was one of the most intriguing and creative paranormal novels I've ever read. A book about friendship, time travel, loyalty and growing up, Stonewords presents readers with a mysterious and somber story about two best friends who try to keep their companionship afloat as one of them grows up and the other one is dead.

    13. I liked the ghost/time travel aspects of this story, and the ending was pleasantly satisfying. I found the storyline with the mom less interesting and pretty underdeveloped. I also didn't particularly like the main characters; Zoe Louise came off as bossy and spoiled (which she probably was, but it made me wonder why Zoe liked hanging out with her so much), and Zoe seemed incredibly slow to catch on to obvious plot points. I don't mind people being incredulous at the thought of ghosts, but the i [...]

    14. I remember being absolutely obsessed with this book when I was in third grade. It`s still so vivid and well wrought spooky but also deeply evocative. Totally a huge influence on my future life as a reader!Since it`s meant for kids, you can't fault it for being simple plot-wise but it's still an excellent story that makes you think. I got kind of tired of Zoe Louise`s crap, but in the end, you feel for her.

    15. I read this story as a kid and it has haunted me. I couldn't remember the name, until one day someone had a request for a different book (a title said person couldn't remember either), and there it was among the results.

    16. I loved this book so much I still remember the name of the book until this day. I read it when I was 11. That should explain enough.

    17. I read this book as a kid and never forgot it, the story and imagery always stuck with me. Recently I saw this book sitting in a pile of discard books my daughter's principal was offering me and I knew I had to read it again. It's still uber creepy and a very compelling story. It was a nice trip down memory lane. Now I have to read my favorite ghost book from childhood, a Doll in the Garden, again.

    18. A good addition to an MG collection of ghost stories. It does not reach the levels of creepiness I would have liked, and purists may quibble with Conrad's time shifts, but overall a good read. The ghost that haunts Zoe remains sufficiently unpredictable that she (the ghost) doesn't fall into the trap of becoming a Caspar ghost; at times she is spiteful, controlling, or appears to Zoe in a decayed state. Add to this Conrad's excellent scene setting--in which all the senses are engaged, which is a [...]

    19. I had never heard of this book until I came to . It is exactly the kind of book I would have loved growing up. There's something about dark supernatural elements that goes hand in hand with a complicated home life.Zoe is brought to live with her grandparents at a very young age, left behind by her mother. Despite their best efforts, Zoe's grandparents can't protect her from the loneliness she feels. Thankfully, she meets Zoe Louise, a girl her own age who lives in the same house. Only, no one el [...]

    20. I love authors who can take ordinary situations and describe them so well. Not vividly, but well. There is little character development but I could see Zoe's Grandma and PopPop, content, normal people who have to raise their granddaughter because their daughter is crazy. You can see them resigned to this situation, perhaps weary from trying to reign in a wild-child, but happy to try again with 4 year old Zoe. They never bad-mouth Zoe's mother, only her grandmother's tone when her mother drops in [...]

    21. This book is both a ghost story and a time travel story, and like many combining the two genres, it involves resolving issues that both the present and past child are facing. In this work they share the same name Zoe and Zoe Louise. The current Zoe lives with her grandparents because her mother has mental problems of some unexplained sort. She meets Zoe Louise when she moves in with her grandparents when she is four, and spends lots of time with her before she becomes aware of the mystery of Zoe [...]

    22. Any teen paranormal fiction you might read in your life won't match up to the subtle complexity of Stonewords. Pam Conrad wrote a tale of everlasting friendship so rich in emotion that even twenty years after reading it, the story and its characters have stayed with me.Friendship -- let's face it -- exists when both parties have some vested interest in each other. In the case of Stonewords, Zoe Louise is interested in Zoe because she feels that Zoe can help her. Zoe is interested in Zoe Louise b [...]

    23. This story is about a girl who met the ghost of a woman, Zoe Louise, who used to live in her house. When they first met, Zoe was about 4 years old and Zoe Louise was about 100 years old. They have been both living in the same house and they share a special bond. Though Zeo Louise is a ghost, her grandparents think that the Zoe Louise that Zoe refers to is an imaginary friend. And though, they've been good friends for years, Zoe Louise seemed to be changing. To save her friend, Zoe must go back i [...]

    24. This is a book that I remember reading in the fifth grade, well only part of it. For years what I could remember stuck in my head; a ghost named Zoe Louise, a girl in the present named Zoe and Zoe Louise dancing around naked in the snow.A co-worker of mine helped me find the book; she posted my description to a website and came back with the title. While the book is aimed for juveniles, I still picked it up again, and read it.Even though written for children, it was still enjoyable, a little spo [...]

    25. I've always liked a good ghost story and I really enjoyed reading this book when I was about 10 or 11. Zoe is quite a lonely child and so the ghostly Zoe-Louise is her only friend, as well as her namesake. Zoe-Louise is a young girl who died 100 years before and Zoe's mother decided to name her daughter after this tragic child, who previously lived in the same house.Zoe's mother is a largely absent figure and Zoe is much closer to her grandparents, who she lives with. As she explores the house w [...]

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