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Pilgrimage to Hell

Pilgrimage to Hell On a crisp January day a Presidential inauguration day a one megaton blast ripped through the Soviet embassy in Washington D C Subsequent explosions around the globe changed the face and the shape

  • Title: Pilgrimage to Hell
  • Author: James Axler
  • ISBN: 9781599500003
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Audio CD
  • On a crisp January day, a Presidential inauguration day, a one megaton blast ripped through the Soviet embassy in Washington, D.C Subsequent explosions around the globe changed the face and the shape of the earth forever Out of the ruins emerged Deathlands, a world that conspired against survival In the blasted heart of the new America, a group of men and women plan desOn a crisp January day, a Presidential inauguration day, a one megaton blast ripped through the Soviet embassy in Washington, D.C Subsequent explosions around the globe changed the face and the shape of the earth forever Out of the ruins emerged Deathlands, a world that conspired against survival In the blasted heart of the new America, a group of men and women plan desperately to escape the eerie wastes and mutated life forms of their nuclear hell Three warriors the tough, intelligent Ryan Cawdor, an enigmatic beauty called Krysty Wroth, and the arr J B Dix set out on a harrowing journey to find a rud enclave high in the mountains Their aim to unlock the secrets of prewar scientific experiments that could hold the answer to survival in the Deathlands of the future.

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      219 James Axler
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    1 thought on “Pilgrimage to Hell

    1. This is the first book in a long running series called Deathlands. The series is written by several authors writing under the pen name James Axler. This is the one that started it all, and I've waited a long time to be able to read it. I enjoy a good literary art piece as much as the next book nerd, but sometimes the old gray matter needs a breakwell here it is. I've been looking for a good action Mad Max esque post-apocalyptic book for quite some time. A literary masterpiece this most certainly [...]

    2. Deathlands 1: Pilgrimage to Hell / 0373625014I'm a fan of the Deathlands series, although I can't quite put my finger on why. They're pretty much gun-'n'-torture fantasies that take place in an apocalyptic America where might makes right and men are real men and women are real women and death is always lying just around the corner. Not the sort of thing I usually eat up, but the setup is so fascinating that I can't quite look away -- each book is a very careful variation on the same themes and i [...]

    3. One of the reasons I rate this book so highly is because I was expecting so little from it, and it is very rare that I have been so completely surprised. On one level, it contained all of the elements I would expect from a post-nuclear-holocost-survivalist-novel, lots of focus on gun models (which mean nothing to me), scaly flesh-eating mutants, slowly awakening psionic powers in the more "acceptable" mutants, bands of killers roaming the badlands, baronies run by cruel, insane gang leaders, all [...]

    4. I listen to a lot of audiobooks whilst at work to pass the time and i come across the Deathlands series by chance. I have read 88 of these buggers now via the Graphic Audio versions. Unlike your usual audiobooks Graphic Audio are fully casted with sound effects etc.Being a fan of Apocalyptic novels i picked up Deathlands without realizing there are almost 100 of the buggers. Since there are so many of them i don't see the point in writing reviews for them all.Deathlands set almost 100 years afte [...]

    5. This was my first audio book with sound affects to accompany the narrative, and I wasn't sure what to make of it at first. The violent PA setting is ideal for this sort of treatment, with gunshots, explosions, shouting, screaming and the rest. However, I was pleased to be on the motorway and out of earshot when I hit a sex scene The "Graphic Audio" treatment means that Pilgrimage to Hell comes across as more of a play than a narration, and overall I liked it.As other reviewers have mentioned, th [...]

    6. My ratings system is as follows. One star is GOOD. The book is entertaining, easy to read and you don't want to stop reading because something about the book is compelling you not to. Two stars is GREAT! This time the story is not only entertaining, but highly creative, unique, easy to read and hard to put down. Three stars is EXCELLENT. Here the book has all aspects of one and two stars, but now the book is thought and emotionally provoking. Four is AWESOME. This is the read that is not only cr [...]

    7. Pilgrimage to Hell is the first book in the long running Deathlands series. There are 100 volumes of Deathlands, written by 12 different authors under the house name James Axler. Pilgrimage to Hell was started by Christopher Lowder under the pen name Jack Adrian, but Lowder became ill and Laurence James stepped in to finish it under the penname James Axler. Pilgrimage to Hell is the one that started it all, and I've waited a long time to be able to read it.Life as we know it was obliterated in a [...]

    8. I bought this book when it originally came out, and sold it some time later along with the other volumes I had up to then. Now, I regret selling them, as this was an interesting take on a post-apocalyptic world. A friend recently gave me a whole load of ebooks, and much to my surprise, these books are in there, so I look forward to re-reading them at my leisure, and seeing what happened after I stopped buying them. Someone told me the series lasted for over 30 volumes, with a spinoff series as w [...]

    9. I have to say that I am torn about this book, because while enjoyed the story and the idea, I would be lying if I tried to say it wasn't cheesy as hell. But I like post-apocalyptic novels, and if I'm being honest, I'll likely read at least a few of the others in the series simply because of my love for said subject matter. However, if it were about anything else (and I read books from all genres) I would never have finished it. If you don't like action or post-apocalyptic stories, you may have a [...]

    10. This is far from perfect, but there's a lot to like about it and I have to say it exceeded my expectations. It's the first of a long series of novels set in a post apocalyptic America and started in the 1980s. That sentence probably tells you a lot of what you need to know and the book delivers the extreme violence and despair you'd expect, but there's an inventiveness and playfulness to the storytelling that lifts it enough to make it a fun and satisfying read.

    11. Very similar story to the previous book (Encounter), so much so that it was easy to feel like parts were recycled.

    12. My brother Scott bought a few Deathlands novels that I remember while growing up. By the time I was a teenager only one, "Ice and Fire" was still around. I read it and liked it, and a lot of the characters and concepts stuck with me over the years, but it was only recently I decided to try and get into the "trucker series" (these books and audiotapes seem to always be for sale at truck stops)MMARYOne hundred years after a devastating nuclear war, what is left of the United States is known as the [...]

    13. My dad is a fan of this classic 80s pulp science fiction series about life after worldwide nuclear apocalypse (think if Matthew Broderick did not succeed in preventing global thermonuclear war at the end of War Games) and he gave me the first two books to read. It's a lot of fun if you go into with the right expectations, and by that I mean, no expectations of quality writing but lots of gore and explosions and weaponry and devastated landscapes and mutated creatures and a series of hard-bitten [...]

    14. Overall, a mediocre plus read. Slow starting to me. Opening scene and characters felt cliched, probably because it's been so many years since the book was written. Unfortunately, I knew what was going to happen the whole time, it was just a matter of getting there. The bit of mystery that stayed unresolved and kept being hinted at, was the only thing that kept me interested. I was surprised by the ending though. It made the possibilities for the continued story seem more worthy of my time to fin [...]

    15. This was a pretty good story. I would give it 3.5-4 stars. The narration was really good. One thing I didn't like was some of the voice acting sound fake and cartoonish.This is the first story in the deathlands series originally published in the 80s and still being written until the end of 2015. The story is about the survivors after a nuclear war that wipes out civilization. I don't think these books are still available in book format however they have been transferred to an audiobook format th [...]

    16. I had a problem with a big portion of this book because I read "Encounter" (Deathlands #45.5) beforehand. Encounter takes place many years earlier and shows the legendary hero Trader in all his glory. Years later here we are and in the beginning of the book you come to find out that Trader is dying and this Legend of a man is now a shadow of himself. Don't get me wrong he's still a tough SOB but I wanted more of him and took me a while to shift gears. The end of the book was really enjoyable for [...]

    17. This was my first Audio Book from Graphic Audio. Honestly, I was very distracted by the well graphics. Blood and guts and squishy sounds and every time they mentioned a weapon they had to mention the ENTIRE weapon's name. Which got a little grating. Otherwise I liked it. Though I did find that it lost my attention every now and then.

    18. Glad I listened to it instead of reading it. Purple prose to the point of unintentional humor. Enjoyable post apocalyptic storyline but I don't think I could have forced my way thru this one. I have more on audio and will continue to listen on the train. Hopefully they get better.

    19. Light read, perfect brain candy. This looks to be a long series and I don't know how much of it I'll get around to reading but there could be worse ways to spend ones time.

    20. I'd give this a 2.5 but I'm rounding down to accommodate for not having half stars. I'm opting to round down and not up based on gut feeling. This is post-apocalyptic pulp fiction. Those giving this one star reviews and acting shocked by the content baffle me. Did you see the cover? I assume you had to do some digging when you found these. Were you not tipped off by any review you ran into when you started reading? Ah well. This book provided exactly what I was looking for. I've been in the moo [...]

    21. Really wanted 3 1/2 stars for this one, but good enough to bump it up. Was very much a set up for the rest of the (very long *sigh*) series. Seemed to end rather abruptly, but then, the set up was over. Felt like I should have been listening to Abney Park's Post Apocalyptic Punk the entire time I was reading it. (Don't know why I have the audio version listed, I actually read this one.) At any rate, David was right, felt like reading a Gamma World game. A little bloodier than I expected for some [...]

    22. As a fan of Fallout and Fallout 2 I foolishly picked up this book based on the good ratings. What a mistake.Reading this book it felt like I had been caught in an awful B-type movie. Sexist. Poorly written. Disgusting. You don't know how the heck you got to it, but somehow you have to know how it ends. Just do yourself a favor and skip it. It isn't worth your time. Thank you.

    23. ive read several of the deathlands books, i like them. they're very light, unchallenging, the heroes get to win and the post apocalyptic world they live in is fast-paced and interesting. and the books taught me some stuff about guns too.

    24. I was surprised how much I liked this audiobook by Graphic Audio. Violent, of course, but I normally don't like Armageddon type plots but this one has so much going on, the plot moves Book takes place about 100 years after the nuclear war.

    25. Stasis, he understood, the stagnation of empire. Evil and greedy men flogging a dead horse but not realizing, not understanding when it was dead, when extinction had been reached and continuing to beat it and beat it and beat it. (Pilgrimage to Hell, p. 181)All he knew of history told him that often those who had been firmly in control of a potentially dangerous situation for years gradually lost their objectivity. In their rigid and unshakable belief in their own strength, their own power to ke [...]

    26. What can I say about Deathlands? While possibly the greatest example of literal pulp fiction, it does kind of grow on you after a while, and if you've not made the effort to (shock horror) listen to a few versions from the Graphic Audio range, then you've missed a treat.I don't think the collection of authors writing under the James Axler house-name are ever expecting any type of awards, if you like your fiction to be something you can read around the pool (and not mind if it gets wet), or to li [...]

    27. I haven't read this book in particular but about a dozen in the series at different points. I have it on my list because these books are very interesting and there's a lot of them. They've been being written for quite some time and yes they fall into a similar pattern but that doesn't make them stale or uninteresting. It's a great post apocalypse series with it's own history, fleshed out characters and slang. There's so many re imagined places to check out and characters inhabiting them that it' [...]

    28. I wanted to like it but frankly I got bored. This was the third Deathlands book I read or listened to and each one dimished my interest. This story probably held the most promise as I do like the Trader character who is introduced and then disappears after this book for the most part. I find Ryan quite dull like any male power fantasy, Han Solo wannabee character. Just knowing that Ryan ends up being the main protagonist after this book made me less interested in the series itself. And Kristy's [...]

    29. I have read this series on and off over the years, but I finally got to read the very first novel that sparked it all off. it was a truly action packed novel from beginning to end.This is a must read for those who enjoy post apocalyptic novels with regards to what the world would be like if the "bombs" were ever dropped. It is told extremely well this series.

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