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Marrying The Royal Marine

Marrying The Royal Marine Illegitimate Polly Brandon has never felt like than an ugly duckling So she s amazed when Hugh Philippe Junot pays her such close attention as they sail for Portugal Under ordinary circumstances she k

  • Title: Marrying The Royal Marine
  • Author: Carla Kelly
  • ISBN: 9780373295982
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback
  • Illegitimate Polly Brandon has never felt like than an ugly duckling So she s amazed when Hugh Philippe Junot pays her such close attention as they sail for Portugal.Under ordinary circumstances she knows this distinguished lieutenant colonel of marines would never have looked at her, but having his protection for the journey is comforting and something that shIllegitimate Polly Brandon has never felt like than an ugly duckling So she s amazed when Hugh Philippe Junot pays her such close attention as they sail for Portugal.Under ordinary circumstances she knows this distinguished lieutenant colonel of marines would never have looked at her, but having his protection for the journey is comforting and something that she s afraid to give a name to Should she trust what she sees in Hugh s eyes has she turned from an ugly duckling into a beautiful, desirable swan

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      383 Carla Kelly
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    1. DNF when I was 67 % done. My time is too precious to waste on a boring book. I'm really disappointed. Marrying the Royal Marine started off very promising--I really liked it. The story kept me interested up to about 30 % and then it started to seriously bore me. The heroine is pale, uptight and…boring. While we're on it, Hugh didn't shine either. Frankly, throughout the story I couldn't find any chemistry between Hugh and Polly. Gosh, how many times did Hugh kiss Polly on her head, huh? There [...]

    2. Hugh Philippe Junot is restless. At 37 and a Lt. Colonel in the Royal Marines in 1812, he's dedicated much of his young life to King and Country. Lamenting the grey creeping into his hair at the temples and his single state, he's resigned himself to never having a family of his own, much to his dismay. In an attempt to settle his restlessness and serve his country, he convinces his superior officer to let him travel to the Portuguese front on a fact-finding mission.On her way to live and work wi [...]

    3. In some historical romances, the Napoleonic Wars seem to exist primarily as an excuse for dashing aristocrats to play spy. Kelly's series, of which this is the third, is a very different kettle of fish. Her heroes and heroines are ordinary people living extraordinary lives of bravery and honor in wartime. This story is about Polly and Hugh, who meet and fall in love while traveling to serve the war effort in Portugal. Both feel there's no chance of a relationship between them: he's twice her age [...]

    4. 4.5 starsfor this absorbing May-December romance (she turns 19 to his 37), set during the Napoleonic Wars, mainly in Spain. I have read all the books in the Channel Fleet series. This is the last and the best, but I enjoyed book 1, Marrying The Captain, too. Be advised, this book has some mild sex scenes (unlike most romances by this "clean" author). Warning! Marrying the Royal Marinehas some dark but historically accurate portrayals of the kind of villainy and madness that descends in war time. [...]

    5. Very well done Peninsular War story. Not really a Regency although set in that time of course. Instead of just having the hero home from the war, this story takes place mainly in Portugal and gives a clear picture of the trials that the Portuguese and Spanish people had to deal with during those war years. The love story was very believable. I loved the older hero who, while being an honorable Royal Marine, was a dandy and knew it, who was too old for the heroine and knew it and also knew that h [...]

    6. The last of the trilogy of three illegitimate daughters and sisters finding love in a time of war, Carla Kelly ends this series of books with a total bang, that brought tears to me eyes. Kelly writes some moving scenes through this series, and shows the readers different aspects of war, from the families soldiers leave behind, to those whom heal and save their lives, and last the innocence lost through war but the bright light of hope that is never lost through the darkness. The youngest Polly B [...]

    7. Polly Brandon, the youngest of three sisters, is eighteen (going on nineteen), and has always felt herself to be the ugly duckling of the family. At the beginning of the story, she has obtained passage on a British ship bound for Portugal, intending to work alongside her sister, Laura, and her husband, who is chief surgeon at a military hospital in Oporto.Recently promoted Lieutenant Colonel Hugh Philippe d’Anvers Junot – a Scot, despite his French-sounding name – is wondering whether taki [...]

    8. 4.5 starsMy first book by Carla Kelly - and she can write! Very well done - and a lot more history than the average HR out there. There were a few things that made it a more somber read than I realized going into it - 1. The Napoleonic Wars is the backdrop to this story and what goes on is heart wrenching. It made me very sad to read about even though I realize this is part of history and really did happen. (view spoiler)[ The issue of the rape and the women and children living with the after ef [...]

    9. This is just a great story. I loved every page of it, and read it more-or-less straight through. It starts off so wonderfully that I just melted while I was reading it, after all what's more romantic than a gorgeous marine cleaning up a lady's vomit? OK, seriously. It's a great story, well-written, with just enough description of the desperation and cruelty of war to give it meaning and depth beyond the romance, but not enough to prevent the reader from really enjoying watching the love develop [...]

    10. This is an absolutely fabulous ending to the trilogy of three sisters by Carla Kelly, and in my opinion, outshines the other two in droves. Had Carla Kelly not already been an auto-buy for me, she definitely would have become one with this story.Polly Brandon, youngest of the three illegitimate sisters of a horrible man, is on a ship bound for Portugal. She is going to be with her sister and brother-in-law to do what she can in the hospital there, during the Napoleonic war. While on board she is [...]

    11. Those who complain about a lack of realism in romance fiction should give Carla Kelly's books a try. Marrying the Royal Marine is the third in her series about a trio of sisters, illegitimate daughters of the villain in book #1. Kelly has long excelled in creating atypical heroes and heroines who seem drawn from the unwritten history of ordinary people who have extraordinary experiences. Polly Brandon, the nineteen-year-old, pragmatic, tender-hearted, spectacle-wearing heroine of MTRM, and the r [...]

    12. 4.5/5.0Just wonderful! Especially recommended for those who enjoy an older man/younger woman relationship (he is 38, she is 18) and those who are interested in the Military aspect of the Napoleonic wars as a backdrop.In this story, Miss Polly Brandon is en-route to assist her sister and brother-in-law who work at a military hospital in Portugal while England is fighting Napoleons armies. While on board, she meets Lt. Colonel Hugh Junot. Suffering from a massive case of sea-sickness, Polly is for [...]

    13. Third of the group of Napoleonic era Harlequin Historicals. Setup - 3 illegimate daughters of a terrible father who attempted to sell them. This is the third daughter who wears glasses. I love Carla Kelly passionately. I was thrilled that Harlequin picked her up. This book shows her at her best. The heroine is vilely seasick. No dukes and ton life here. It takes place on a ship and in a war torn Portugal when they have been captured by the French. But in Kelly's books a hero is someone who holds [...]

    14. WOOT! Kelly is back and this one is better IMO than the previous 2 in the series. Polly Brandon, half-sister of the heroines of the previous books, travels by ship to Oporto to help her sister and surgeon brother-in-law at the hospital there. She suffers horribly from seasickness and requires personal care--and the Royal Marine on a fact-and-opinion-finding mission, Lt. Col. Hugh Philippe Junot (a Scot with a French name which comes in handy later), is delegated to her personal care en route. Al [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this book. It was a wonderfully written book and I love the characters and felt for them. It was wonderful, heartwarming storyCarla Kelly is a remarkable writer! Highly recommended

    16. So what is a 37 year old, never-married, career-minded Lt. Colonel suppose to do when he sees a young lady, unattended, aboard a ship and miserable because of seasickness? Whew! First and foremost, attend to her needs. Even if it is inappropriate. And she is only "almost nineteen"RRYING THE ROYAL MARINE had Hugh Junot, a Scot with some French ancestors, falling in love for the first time. He knows he is quite a bit older than Polly Brandon. He also knows that Polly likes him but doesn't feel the [...]

    17. I absolutely loved this book. The Surgeon's Lady was the first book I read by Carla Kelly and I thought she'd have a hard time topping that. This book did. What a tender, touching, emotional ADVENTURE of a book. I had no idea that there was so much action (Polly and Hugh are pretty much prisoners for about half the book) and that their love would evolve throughout that ordeal. They were absolutely fantastic together. Polly was insecure without being woe-is-me, and Hugh was the perfect hero for h [...]

    18. Whew! Just finished a whirlwind read of Carla Kelly's lastest romance set during the Napoleonic Wars. Stayed up until 3AM to finish it and then reread snippets the next day.Marrying the Royal Marine is definitely my favorite of Kelly's last three character-linked Harlequin books. It is set on board a Navy ship and in war-torn Portugal during the Peninsular conflict and it has all the grit and guts I've grown to expect from Kelly. She doesn't gloss over either the dangers or the horrors of war an [...]

    19. After read too many the dashing rakish lordling hero type in historical romances, I'm so glad to encounter the brave, yet rather lonely, and quite dashing Colonel Hugh Junot and his shy but as brave ladylove, Ms Polly Brandon in Carla Kelly's Marrying the Royal Marine.I admit that when I read the fist few pages, I feel a bit disoriented. Its like droped in the middle of the book, without knowing what exactly happenned, which understanable since this is a third book of the trilogy, so If you want [...]

    20. This is the most intense and darkest of the three books in the trilogy. The author does not shy away from the gruesome reality that is warfare. I actually read this earlier without realizing that it's part of a trilogy. This time around I had a deeper appreciation for the story since I've read the previous two books, "Marrying the Captain," and "The Surgeon's Lady." They are all stand-alone stories but there's a better understanding to the time flow and characters when read in order. This is not [...]

    21. I just love Carla Kelly's books. Regular people--aka, those not earls, barons, dukes or marquesses--need romance too, even in historical times. And Kelly gives us what we want.Somewhere in the midden of my office I have MARRYING THE CAPTAIN by Kelly. I bought it, but didn't get around to reading it right away, and now--who knows where it is? But it is the first book about the three bastard daughters of an evil viscount, or marquess or some such. I read THE SURGEON'S LADY, the second book, and lo [...]

    22. I should keep better track of book recommendations. Someone in one of my groups said this was a good book and it was. It's a romance between an 18 year old and 37(?) year old. Hugh has been promoted which means lots of meetings. In talking with some injured Marines, he thinks he can be some help if he goes to Portugal/Spain to see what they really need at the war lines against France/Napoleon. He's on the same ship as Polly, who is going to help her sister out, that is she can survive the trip - [...]

    23. This was a great read. What I love about Carla Kelly is that she writes about the time period more realistically without being "too much" and as a result the stories are interesting and compelling. Her characters are interesting and compelling as well because they're 'average' people (captains, surgeons, etc.).Though the description of this book references the "ugly duckling" theme, I this it's only a minor piece of the story. Without giving anything away, the majority of the book is about Hugh [...]

    24. No one does Regency-era romance about "regular" people like Carla Kelly and this book is no exception. Sweet love story with a lot of appropriate suspense. A nice finish to this trilogy of sisters. I'm holding back one star b/c of the age difference between main characters AND I'm just a little doubtful that love (and sex) could blossom so freely while on a forced march through the Pyrenees, being held captive by the French!

    25. I love Carla Kelly.This book ended the Channel Fleet series. I recommend this series to anyone who wants a sweet love story without misunderstandings and two people just falling in love. The heroines are not missish or haughty and the heros are honest and kind. A nice break if you've had a run of angsty novels.

    26. This was a nicely done peek into the horrors of the Peninsular Campaign of the Napoleonic Wars of the early 1800s. And a sweet romance too.Carla Kelly is one of the best of the current crop of writers who are mining the Regency era. What makes her recent books special, besides the very good writing, is that she is more than willing to write about people outside the Ton.

    27. Putting the truly tragic title aside, THIS is what a romance novel should be like. I only skimmed the blurb quickly before starting and had assumed it would be a quickie 5 day romance novel, but instead got pulled into this vividly lush world where our Heroine really was a Heroine, bodily functions *gasp* exist and read a love story that I actually believed in.

    28. I can see why so many people recommend this book. It really is just fabulous. Beta H and lovely smart straight forward h. Both of them together, I just loved. This author has a lovely style and I will see what other books of hers I might also like.

    29. I love Carla Kelly. And I loved the first two books in this trilogy, Marrying the Captain and The Surgeon's Lady, but I think this one is my favorite. I loved the action, and the romance unfolded in a realistic manner. Can't wait fro Ms. Kelly's next book.

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