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أن تقرأ لوليتا في طهران

  • Title: أن تقرأ لوليتا في طهران
  • Author: Azar Nafisi ريم قيس كبة
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1995 1995 .

    • Free Read [Graphic Novels Book] ☆ أن تقرأ لوليتا في طهران - by Azar Nafisi ريم قيس كبة ↠
      184 Azar Nafisi ريم قيس كبة
    • thumbnail Title: Free Read [Graphic Novels Book] ☆ أن تقرأ لوليتا في طهران - by Azar Nafisi ريم قيس كبة ↠
      Posted by:Azar Nafisi ريم قيس كبة
      Published :2019-01-06T00:19:16+00:00

    1 thought on “أن تقرأ لوليتا في طهران

    1. This book failed for me on a number of levels. The premise of it sounded interesting to me--a glimpse at the lives of women and academics under the totalitarian regime in Iran, arranged around a series of bookclub meetings and analyses of various famous books. But for such a promising concept, and for a book which deals with so many serious and complex topics, it's facile and cliched. Almost alarmingly so, in fact.The tone was the biggest failing for me. It's smug and self-important. For me, it [...]

    2. I'm not sure I can finish this book. It's just so boring and self-important. And poorly written. My eyes keep crossing. It makes me angry because I think this COULD really be a good book. It has a good premise, a lot of potential, and it's about a topic I'm actually very interested in and would like to know more about. But instead it's dry as hell and doesn't follow any cohesive pattern--it just feels like a lot of random moments in the life of Azar Nafisi strung together by some run-of-the-mill [...]

    3. I feel like I showed up for class without reading the required assignment. This book should come with a prerequisite reading list: Lolita, Invitation to a Beheading, The Great Gatsby, Daisy Miller, and Pride and Prejudice or at least a warning for spoilers: (view spoiler)[Lolita is raped by an older man, Gatsby dies, Daisy Miller doesn't get a happy ending, and Elizabeth Bennett does (hide spoiler)]. If I would have known Nafisi was going to delve into these literary pieces like she would one of [...]

    4. ثمة أمر غير مفهوم في منع هذه الرواية، ولكنني أعتقد بأن مزاج الرقيب غير منطقي مجملاً، وقد اعتدنا تلون الموقف الرسمي من الثقافة وممارسة مزيد من المنع والإقصاء لاسترضاء ورشوة ومغازلة أطراف أصولية. الحمد لله على نعمة الانترنت، وقد قرأت الكتاب بضمير مرتاح جدا، ومتأكدة بأن آذر نف [...]

    5. In case you don't know about this book yet (though, honestly, how could you not know about this book yet?), it is an absolutely amazing memoir by an Iranian woman who was a professor of English & Persian Literature at teh University of Tehran before, during, and after the revolution and war with Iraq. Once wearing the veil became mandatory and she refused to wear one, she was forced to quit teaching, and one way she came up with to fill her time was to gather several of her most dedicated st [...]

    6. Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books, Azar Nafisiتاریخ نخستین خوانش: روز سی و یکم ماه می سال 2005 میلادیعنوان: لولیتا خوانی در تهران؛ در 347 ص، به زبان: انگلیسی؛ لندن، فورث استیت، 1383، شابک: 0007178484‬؛کتاب لولیتاخوانی در تهران، چهار بخش است: نخست: لولیتا (پرسوناژ رمان لولیتا اثر ولادیمیر نابوکوف)؛ دوم: [...]

    7. أن تقرأ لوليتا في طهرانتخيل أيها القارئ ( عبارة ستصطدم بها كثيرا في هذا الكتاب تأتيك كصفعة أحيانا خصوصا حين تكون معارضا للنفيسي) تخيل أنك تجلس على مكتبك و أمامك كتب أدبية منتقاة بعناية فائقة و كتاب واحد سياسي يتحدث عن الثورة الاسلامية الايرانية و شذرات من أوراق حياة أستاذة جا [...]

    8. أن تقرأ لوليتا في طهران مرة أخرى، نحن في طهران، ولكننا لا نتتبع في هذه المرة قصة حب خفية، ولا تتقحم سردنا مشاهد مستعادة من (ألف ليلة وليلة)، بل نحن مع دكتورة متخصصة في الأدب الإنجليزي وطالباتها، اللواتي قررن إنشاء ما يشبه نادي كتاب، يؤين إليه في كل خميس، هناك حيث يمكن للنقاش أ [...]

    9. I am a lover of books. I am a lover of history. I am a lover of cultures. Consequently, I expected to love this book. Sadly, I found my dissappointment growing with each page I turned. The premise of the novel was certainly interesting- exploring times, the way that they were viewed, the oppression of women, religious fanaticism and political regimes that adopted Sharia, family, and the overall way that a country grew dissillusioned with iteself through novels was certainly an interesting one. Y [...]

    10. حسنًا إذًا انتهيت منه اخيرًا تتزاحم الأفكار في رأسي فعلاً لكتابة "تقرير" عن هذا الكتاب غير العادي بالتأكيد:ماذا أرادت منه المؤلفة؟! ما الرسائل التي تبثها من خلاله بشكل ضمني أو واضح؟! لمن توجه هذه الرسائل تحديدًا؟! كيف يستفيد قارئ هذا الكتاب الاستفادة القصوى منه، إن كان ثمة ا [...]

    11. هیچ انقلابی را نمی شود عظیم تلقی کرد مگر آن که زنان یک کشور و نحوه ی زندگیشان را دگرگون کند - گاندیاگر این جمله گاندی رو معیار قرار بدیم، انقلاب ما بدون شک بویی از عظمت نبرده. لغو قوانین حمایت از خانواده، پایین آوردن سن ازدواج دختران، حجاب اجباری، مجاز نمودن چند همسری، پدیده از [...]

    12. This was a tough read. I suppose I would have appreciated it more if I had read all the books that were referenced in this one. And if I studied literature, studied the meaning of every scene, every characterization, every image from the books, I might have appreciated it.Unfortunately this was much too deep and a serious study of literature. I enjoyed her accounts of life in Tehran and the characters in her book. I enjoyed her personal accounts and her life stories. Unfortunately true life was [...]

    13. I read this book while I was down with the flu, which added a dimention to my reading as I was isolated in my room for a couple of days. I read some of the reviews for this book on Good Reads and I must say my experience of this book is quite different from what some other people have reported. Azar's opening two chapters were enough to suck me into her world and engross me. Her reading of Lolita was wonderful and I like the way she able to bring her reading of this book, her reflections on Humb [...]

    14. I hadn't read Nabokov's Lolita when I started this one. What aroused my curiosity here was not the artfully chosen title of the novel, but its setting: the Islamic Republic of Iran, formerly known as Persia. Truth be told, Iran has always interested me a lot, indeed. Amir, my best friend during secondary school, had Iranian roots and he was (and still is) one of the most clever persons I know. I used to say that when Amir and I were 12 year old, we talked about topics I haven't found anyone to s [...]

    15. المستحيلات أربع لا ثلاث: الغول والعنقاء والخل الوفي وأن تقرأ لوليتا في طهران.ففي إيران ما بعد الثورة أصبح كل شيء ممنوعًا ومصادرًا وغير مسموحٍ بتداوله فضلاً عن قراءته.فرقيب السلطة هو وحده من يقرر ما على الشعب أن يقرأه أو لا يقرأه، وهو الوحيد المخوّل بتحديد الخيارات المتاحة أ [...]

    16. I wrote this review before I read Jasmine and Stars. I was too generous to Nafisi.This book is very personal and my enjoyment of it is very much rooted in my experience of living with Iranian people in the UK and fascination with the country's history and culture. When I first read the book about ten years ago, I was astonished to read about how the 1979 revolution, which is seen by most Westerners as the triumph of Muslim extremists and had been described to me as the British/American led repla [...]

    17. To read a book about women who read Lolita in Tehran is to open the window to a world of dismay, in which even an act so pure and simple as enjoying fiction is considered treason, punishable by the wrongly proclaimed authorities in your life. I am constantly on the lookout for books which challenge my view of the world, or who have the power to paint a picture of another way of life, that I have been fortunate enough to never experience. "Reading Lolita in Tehran" is one of those books.By no mea [...]

    18. While I was reading this book, I was taken back in my mind to my college days. I enjoyed the philosophy behind the books these women studied and was unmistakably reminded of why I have always loved reading so much. I have not read all of the books discussed in the story, but many of them are on my to-read list, and now I am even more eager to read them.

    19. An outstanding account by a literature professor of keeping the life of imagination alive through shared experience of fiction during the repressive decades of fundamentalist Muslim rule in Iran. The rise of Khomeini after the downfall of the corrupt regime of the Shah in the late 70's ushered in a cultural revolution that purged the universities of anyone who seemed to support decadent Western values and made the wearing of the veil (or chador) mandatory for women in public settings. Nafisi sur [...]

    20. Justh.Apart from the simplicity of the narrative, (self-centered narrator preaches empathy and a nuanced understanding of humanity via fiction while exulting herself over her nasty, brainwashed students who's arguments she takes great pride in trampling over and and telling us about later), the book is justd. The attempted literary connections are so, so forced, and it's definitely more frothy memoir than anything else. The sort of book where the author starts every other sentence with things li [...]

    21. More than a combination of literary criticism and memoirs of living through the totalitarian ruthlessness of Islamist-ruled Iran, this book essentially examines how the author and a group of friends took refuge in literature from the totalitarian nightmare.And at the same time using that literature to make sense of life under Islamo-Nazi repression.The women in the group are able to make analogies of the works of Vladimir Nabokov, Jane Austen, Henry James and F Scott Fitzgerald with the society [...]

    22. سألت إحدى قارئات تلك السيرة لم اعطيتيه نجمة واحدة قالت بسبب الملل لم أجد مللاً قط فيه بل روح نقية تسري داخل الكتابو وصف مستفيض أحبه بلغة جميلة في وصف جلسات البنات و حكاياهن عن الروايات و في نقد آذر لبعض الروايات كلوليتا و دعوة لقطع العنق لنابوكوف و غاتشبي العظيم لفيتزجيرالد و [...]

    23. This book is a must read for all those who love modern classic literature and who are interested on what happened in Iran during the reign of Ayatollah Khomeini and the Iran-Iraq war in the early 80s. I was in college that time and I have been hearing and reading bits of news about that war. This book completed that story particularly its impact on the ordinary people particularly on its main characters.Azar Nafisi, a lady author, effectively related her favorite modern fiction works (Lolita of [...]

    24. 3 نجمات على مبدأ انتهاج الوسطية !محير هذا الكتاب الذي عمل على 3 محاور ايضاً تحاول السيدة نفيسي ان تقرأ ايران من خلال روايات الادب الامريكي تقرأ لوليتا ، ولـ جويس، اوستن.تتحدث عن ايران ما بعد الثورة: ايران الجمهورية الاسلامية، وعن الرقيب الاعمى، وعن شخصنة السياسة لدرجة يتحول ف [...]

    25. In the shadows of all the bluster coming out of Iran these days, I try to remember those stories I've heard about Iranians who do not share the religious fervor of their political leaders and long for a more open society than the one that they currently have. Azar Nafisi's memoir about her life as a literature professor in Tehran the years following the revolution gave me a moving and painful glimpse into the lives of those who chafe under a kind of repression that I can only imagine. Nafisi was [...]

    26. كم أشعرُ بالامتلاء في هذهِ اللحظات، والخفة كذلك!هذا الكتابُ توحدَ بي بشدة توحد بي عميقاًأخذتُ أعيشهُ كما لو أنني إحدى طالباتُ آذر قرب نافذة الغيوم على طاولة الطعام والقهوة التركية المجيدة.!كيف يمكن لكتابٍ أن يؤلمكَ إلى هذا الحد، ثم يربت على جرحكَ الصغير.! أن يقسو عليك حتى تست [...]

    27. I bought this book years ago and let it sit on my shelf collecting dust until recently. I am so glad I finally picked it up! Aside from the one-sided reports I’ve seen on the news, I’ve always been ignorant of all things Iran. This book educated me on the history of the country and opened my eyes to the beauty and fortitude of the people (specifically the women) who call it home. Nafisi writes about her life before, during, and after her time in Iran through the lense of the Western classics [...]

    28. This was a book wich introduced me to Azar Nafisi and her life in Iran before and during the Islamic revolution. I have to admit that when I started reading the book, I was slightley restless with the way she was describing each girl student who was joining her class at her house. However, little by little, I could not sleep whole nights before finishing it. The thing is that Nafisi is very clever author who knows how to attract you in a sneaky way. She pulled me to the atmosphere of the Iran un [...]

    29. From its provoking, intriguing title to its very last page, Azar Nafisi's book, Reading Lolita in Tehran, partly a narrative biography, partly a history of a nation and its people, and partly critical analysis of great American and British authors, is astonishing, enlightening, and important. Much like Marjane Satrapi's amazing graphic novels, Nafisi pulls back the headscarves, the long black robes dictated by the Guardian Council, to show us the modern women of Iran and how they fight to mainta [...]

    30. This memoir about the power of books in a time of crisis and oppression definitely falls short of the transitive powers the novels it details possess. Though the overall message of the book is a powerful one, its disjointed narrative structure, organized by theme rather than true chronological order, left me more confused than inspired and did not help in my understanding of the bigger picture.For someone fairly out of the loop as far as politics and world issues go, especially issues that start [...]

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