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Darkwing Duck, Vol. 1: The Duck Knight Returns

Darkwing Duck Vol The Duck Knight Returns Darkwing Duck returns The streets of St Canard are crime free patrolled by Quackwerks new robotic Arrestoids It s been a year and a half since Darkwing Duck has been seen What ever happened to the Te

  • Title: Darkwing Duck, Vol. 1: The Duck Knight Returns
  • Author: Ian Brill James Silvani
  • ISBN: 9781608865765
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Paperback
  • Darkwing Duck returns The streets of St Canard are crime free, patrolled by Quackwerks new robotic Arrestoids It s been a year and a half since Darkwing Duck has been seen What ever happened to the Terror That Flaps In The Night And when Quackerjack decides to put the old band back together, will Drake Mallard answer the call of justice

    • ☆ Darkwing Duck, Vol. 1: The Duck Knight Returns || Ê PDF Download by Å Ian Brill James Silvani
      434 Ian Brill James Silvani
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    1 thought on “Darkwing Duck, Vol. 1: The Duck Knight Returns

    1. : "Daring duck mystery, champion of the right, swoops down from the shadows, darkwing owns the night"If you grew up watching the Disney Afternoon like I did, you know the rest. Darkwing Duck, the legendary crimefighter of St. Canard bravely fought evil and crime of all sorts from 1991-95. After his initial run in the Disney Afternoon, he had two thirteen episode seasons on ABC's Saturday Morning. The show was influential on me and my writing for two reasons. First was it's focus on combining the [...]

    2. From a strictly storytelling standpoint, I probably should have rated this four stars; there are a few weak points in the narrative that fall short of perfection. But considering how much potential there was for this to be awful (I can't count the number of bad comic-book adaptations I've read over the years), it gets a full five for being a TREMENDOUS amount of fun to read, for being hilariously true to character, and for including homages to all the other Disney cartoons I grew up with (DuckTa [...]

    3. "I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the classic rock act that never retires, I am DARKWING DUCK!" Darkwing Duck is back, at least in comic book form! If you loved the cartoon as a child, you'll find certain familiarity with the characters and storyline inside this graphic novel. Looking forward to more DW.

    4. Darkwing Duck was one of my favorite cartoons growing up. The show had just the right blend of action and humor and cheesy villains to capture (and hold) my attentione to think of it probably still does. So when I was walking around Heroescon and saw a comic series based upon the show it had my attention. The artist that was there and I talked to him for a few minutes and then proceeded to buy a copy of the book (autographed of course) and heck even my dad bought a copy of it because he remember [...]

    5. There's no reason not to read the Darkwing Duck comics. Can you think of a reason? You're wrong, it doesn't exist. The original show itself took place during an era of animation that was fond and full of memories but, for the most part, lacked structure. Nothing connected one episode to the next and therefore there wasn't a lot that forced characters to deal with consequences, and all emotion was contained in within the twenty minute or so storylines they had. Still, like a lot of animation from [...]

    6. So in an effort to find younger titles to purchase on a regular basis for my library system, I realized that some of my favorite parts of the Disney Afternoon had been adapted to graphic novels. I had tiptoed around Darkwing Duck, one of my favorites, and finally purchased the first volume from my local comic shop on Free Comic Book Day.You're welcome economy;-)I was ready to be disappointed, because I LOVED DARKWING DUCK!!! But after years of reading more Batman comics and growing up and not dr [...]

    7. As someone who watched Disney Afternoon when I was in school, I have always been a fan of Darkwing Duck, and this first volume of the comic book perfectly captures the feel of the old cartoon. It's great to see all those old characters again, including cameos from some other Disney Afternoon characters like Gadget from "Chip N Dale's Rescue Rangers" and Gyro Gearloose and the Gizmoduck armour from "Ducktales". Taking place around a year and a half after the end of the series, St. Canard is nearl [...]

    8. From what I’ve read, this comic was fully intended as a somewhat nostalgic project, geared toward people who watched the cartoon growing up. It uses the cliché of the superhero coming back onto the scene after in absence, and in this case Darkwing gave up crime-fighting a year previously when the robots made by a mega-corporation called Quackwerks went into action. Former heroes and villains of St. Canard work at Quackwerks until Darkwing starts noticing some shady activity and investigates t [...]

    9. Our story starts a year from when Darkwing was a hero and now is working for Quackwerks, in fact every villain is now doing one job or an other with Quackwerks (and hating it). So the four villains decide to go back to been villains and get whoever (three guess) behind the making of Quackwerks. As for Negaduck, let’s just say Quackerjack is sore at him. On the other side Gosalyn is think teachers and principles are villains: as for Drake he is reliving the past though flashbacks. So he doesn [...]

    10. During my childhood I had the pleasure of watching several episodes of "Darkwing Duck" and enjoyed them. When I saw this at the local library I decided I would pick it up to read. I am pleased that I did. It was an enjoyable read that picks up greatly where the series left off. It feels like a natural progression of where that series was and what happened in it. I would highly recommend this to those people that have a bit of Disney nostalgia for classic shows that are no longer on the air. I wo [...]

    11. I've heard nostalgia is a tricky and horrible thing. Nostalgia sends blinds you and sends you running back into the arms of things that are better left forgotten in the past. Fuck that this was awesome. It was a wonderfully preserved piece of my childhood resurfacing after twenty years. This comic still managed to capture the heart and soul of the show I once loved. It toed the line of being silly and serious. Most important being that it captured the spirit of the characters. Even after twenty [...]

    12. Put this one in the "I have no intention of growing up" file. I just found out a few weeks ago that they've brought Darkwing Duck back in comic book form.It's a triumphant return for the terror that flaps in the night. There's a surprisingly timely story here that is well written and funny. The art is terrific, and very reminiscent of the cartoon. And despite the Dark Knight allusions, it's still family friendly, so no worries if you've got kids you want to introduce this to.And for fans of the [...]

    13. St Canard becomes a dystopia. Everyone is working for Quackworks and no one has seen any superhero's or villains for over a year. Until one night when DW goes back out after an overreaction on the bots part and some of the super villains reappear after deciding they have had enough. The writers and illustrators did a great job bringing the shows characters to the page. I could hear the voices of all the characters speaking. I can't wait to read the next one I think that I may have to rewatch the [...]

    14. For some reason, the writers of the comic book version of Darkwing Duck are convinced that the readers need near constant reminder that there is an overarching joke going on in regards to the concept of the show/comic. The end product suffers for it, here and in the 2016 re-launch comics.In this instance, the art is solid (and very close to the show) and both DW and Quackerjack come off as true to form. The restt so much.

    15. A terrific revival of a Disney property that needs more love. This first volume is a great reintroduction to Darkwing Duck and his world, combining callbacks to the original show and other clever references with some interesting new twists. (I admit I'm not sure this will work as well for new readers, although I think they give it a good try.) The original show's sense of humor is back in full force, and the detailed artwork is great to look at as well. Definitely recommended. (A-)

    16. This was a lot of fun. The art is spot on and it brings back memories of watching the old Darkwing Duck cartoon. I also really enjoyed seeing the easter eggs for other Disney Afternoon shows. The weak point is the writing. This is not really written for kids. It's written for adults who used to watch this show as kids, so the tone is a bit different, which feels a bit off.

    17. I was a huge fan of the Darkwing Duck cartoon back when it aired, and it's not that this comic is bad, but it didn't quite capture the cartoon feel for me. Perhaps too much time has gone by, or perhaps if I watched the cartoon now it wouldn't thrill me like it used to either. The art is great and the script isn't bad, but it didn't really move me.

    18. If you grew up with this character, you need to read this graphic novel. It's a reintroduction, continuation, and plot-thread-tying conclusion, all in one. It's charmingly illustrated and *gorgeously* written. If you were a Darkwing fan, pick this one up -- your Inner Child will thank you, and your adult sensibilities will appreciate the real craft to this story.

    19. One of my favorite characters returns! Darkwing Duck was one of the best 90's cartoons and it's great to see its return, even if only in comic form. I have to admit that my rating of this is tinted by nostalgia, but it's still a fun read.

    20. Po 18 letech lidi z Boomu vzali Darkwinga z populárního Disney seriálu a napsali komiksového pokračování. A vůbec to není blbé! Na dětský superhrdinský komiks dokonce hodně slušné.Na vyšší hodnocení mi chybí nejspíš nostalgie - na Darkwingovi jsem přeci jen nevyrůstal.

    21. I wasn't expecting much of a Disney comic, so I was more than blown away by how much I enjoyed this book. There are some great visual gags, some callbacks to other Disney afternoon shows, and a plethora of puns. It's well written, funny, and I really dig the inking. Well done!

    22. I loved this show when it was on the Disney Afternoon, and I enjoyed this comic book relaunch.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

    23. I loved this series! Darkwing Duck is a great character, he is very dynamic but there are also a lot of comedic aspects thrown in which make the story more interesting.

    24. Reading these Darkwing Duck Comics makes me want to go out and buy the all the seasons of the cartoon. You are never too old for Darkwing Duck.

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