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Party Monster: A Fabulous But True Tale of Murder in Clubland

Party Monster A Fabulous But True Tale of Murder in Clubland Murder Was Never So Much Fun When Disco Bloodbath was first published it created a storm of controversy for its startlingly vivid strikingly fresh and outrageously funny depiction of the hedonistic

  • Title: Party Monster: A Fabulous But True Tale of Murder in Clubland
  • Author: James St. James
  • ISBN: 9780743259828
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
  • Murder Was Never So Much Fun When Disco Bloodbath was first published, it created a storm of controversy for its startlingly vivid, strikingly fresh, and outrageously funny depiction of the hedonistic world of the New York City club kids, for whom nothing was too outr including murder Nominated for the Edgar Award for best true crime book of the year, it also markedMurder Was Never So Much Fun When Disco Bloodbath was first published, it created a storm of controversy for its startlingly vivid, strikingly fresh, and outrageously funny depiction of the hedonistic world of the New York City club kids, for whom nothing was too outr including murder Nominated for the Edgar Award for best true crime book of the year, it also marked the debut of an audaciously talented writer, James St James, who himself had been a club kid and close friend and confidant of Michael Alig, the young man convicted of killing the drug dealer known as Angel Now the book has been brought to the screen as Party Monster, with Macaulay Culkin playing killer Michael Alig and Seth Green as author celebutante James St James.

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      387 James St. James
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    1 thought on “Party Monster: A Fabulous But True Tale of Murder in Clubland

    1. Great true crime story that takes place in the 'glitter-cone' of the New York City club scene of the early 90's. "Club-kids" played into the fears of the public; wanton, oversexed and on drugs. This book is a cautionary tale; the line between non conformity and crime can be crossed when drugs are involved - then the monsters in the party show their true faces.

    2. Okay, so I have the "Party Monster" paperback - less than $300 - version, but still. Mine is corrected on the inside cover by James St. James; he hates that they changed the title. I agree, it is WRONG to take an author's title away from them. Oh well, if you enjoyed the movie, this is almost better. well, more detailed, but there's no Seth Green & Macaulay Culkin so it may be a wash. Very interesting info on how to make Special K, and my favorite phrase for months after reading this was "bu [...]

    3. This was so catty and so trashy and decadent, how could I not love it? I could NOT put this down, even for a bunch of important shit I was supposed to be doing. If you're looking for a true crime novel, you will be disappointed, but if you're looking for a snap shot of a unique time and place, as taken by a one of a kind and vital character who was deeply enmeshed in that subculture, you've picked the right book. St. James' voice is not quite like anything else; he's amusingly catty, and seems q [...]

    4. I first saw a movie about this topic starring Seth Green and Macaulay Culkin, not realising it was a true story. Straight away I was googling the 'club kids' and watching their appearances on Donahue and various other talk shows. Even tracked down the documentary which is very telling.Essentially this is a tale about a murder. It's the story of young nightclub entrepreneur, Michael Alig, and his celebrity rise and fall in New York, thanks to a disregard of anyone but himself and by taking a s**t [...]

    5. This book reads about 35% Michael Alig/the Angel Melendez murder, 25% a random look at a not so necessary VH1 behind the music of Freeze's life (accompanied by some random chick named Mavis), 20% wacky random drug use and repetitive descriptions of binging and spiraling out of control, 15% snark, mudslinging, leading, and bragging, and finally, about 5% surprising empathy and warmth. It wasn't what I expected, nor was it as salacious as I had hoped, but I still enjoyed the ride. I am not the fir [...]

    6. I dunno how I never saw this movie until a few weeks ago. I think I kept forgetting about it, but I have the sound track and love it. After seeing the movie, I thought it was the most disjointed, manic, confusing mess and could not wrap my head around the cast it had a good cast, the movie felt like a hot mess.Decided, okay, I need to get the book, I felt like I missed some key element to connect all these scattered pieces.Nope. The book was just as much out there, random pieces attempted to be [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this book. It's a true story of drug addiction gone unchecked and true madness. The style isn't literary, but I must say that this book really disturbed me, not only because it was based on a true story but because it smacks of a sad reality and the darkness in the human heart. This is also a story of deep alienation. Definitely not a "feel good" book, but a memorable one nevertheless. Recommended for unconventional and non-mainstream readers. In fact, I would place this beside [...]

    8. I no longer review "norm" books but this one straddled the line between norm true crime and truly odd true crime. So I won't review it, but because it was such a fantastic book, I'll share some of the best quotes. St. James really does have a fascinating capacity to be glibly deep and deeply glib."There is no mystery to death. No complicated pattern, nothing difficult. They are no special. It could happen again. Anytime. Anywhere. Of course. A slight miscalculation, a simple mistake - it didn't [...]

    9. In tone and sense of humor, this book reminded me a lot of Permanent Obscurity by Richard Perez. I haven't seen the movie, but I can tell you this is a book worth owning. A black comedy if ever there was one, told in short bites. I was fascinated by how far the story goes, how badly people behave. A trip down the rabbit hole or should I say K-hole?

    10. so, I just remembered this book existed, and I just realised I probably read it when I was way, way too young. Oops. This reads like a fiction novel. I can almost guarantee that it will be unlike any other crime memoir you've ever read in your life. I loved reading it at the time. I'm honestly not sure how I would feel about it now, but at the time, I was trying to figure out who I was and I was absolutely starved for any LGBTIQA fiction. So, reading this was sort of like a lifeline for me, and [...]

    11. Anyone who was into the rave scene, or was a club kid in the early 90s needs to read this book. It's everything that the time was about. Drugs, partying, music, DJs and more.St. James writes about death in a way that is both disturbing and at times funny. It's weird to say that a book about a ghastly murder had me laughing out loud at parts.

    12. I used to think that Lady Gaga was original when it came to shocking the hell out of people with her style. That is all up until I came upon this story and realized that the Club Kids did it first! Haha, seriously though! I first watched the 2003 Macaulay Culkin movie 'Party Monster' also Co-starring Seth Green, and Rock Star Marilyn Manson, that was loosley based off of this true story and almost immediately had to read the book. You see, I always wanted to read this. But the only problem was t [...]

    13. FIVE STARS. If you think that you 'partied hard' in your youth think again. It's a miracle that James St. James survived this scene, so that he could document it in wonderful, over the top palaver. None of the screechy queenieness of his voice is lost in the prose. It is fabulously written in every sense of the word.The author's writing about his 'friendship' with Michael Alig was really the best part. The word 'frenemy' came close to describing the relationship, but not quite. It was a complex [...]

    14. I remember when this happened, well kinda. I followed it on the news as much as my then drug filled mind could. I was one of those kids who saw Micheal on TV and wanted to be just like him. I ended up in the Austin and Dallas club scene. I was a different generation of club kid, but only barely.For years I told myself I would read this book, and never got around to it. I seen the movie more than a few times, and even hosted a few "Party Monster" themed parties.One day I had to grow up, be a mom, [...]

    15. I'm giving this book five stars because for what it set out to accomplish, it did perfectly. It is one man's recollection of the late 80s, early 90s, in which the Club Kids, led primarily by the eccentric Michael Alig, took the NY party scene by storm. James has a delightfully quirky and recognizable voice. I devoured this book in a day. As a person who is fascinated by club scenes, particularly the Club Kids, and has read and watched all articles and videos concerning them online (you're missin [...]

    16. I was kind of ashamed to read Disco Bloodbath at the time it was published because it was kind of trashy and gory but I couldn't put it down-it was so entertaining albeit tragic-all that fun and drugs came at a price. It was one of the first books i read when I got to New York as a teen and I probably lived vicariously through some of its characters as I couldn't get a fake ID or get into any of the clubs. The 90s were winding down but you could still see crazy japanese club kids in L.E.S and Gi [...]

    17. I can't think of enough words to describe how fabulous this book is. Even when everyone is out of control and destroying themselves with drugs, James St James manages to keep my interest, the pages kept turning and it was all finished before I knew it.

    18. Oh the glamour of James St. James!! I don't care if they've renamed the book now. It will always be Disco Bloodbath to me!!

    19. Party Monster: Murder Has Never Been So Much Fun!A Review By: Amelia Interested in more book reviews? Check out my blog Bookworms Unite!(bookwormsunitebookreviews)I often find myself drawn to the darkest, most disturbing, bursting-with-salacious-personal-details of memoirs I can find. There’s just something about a life lived in an impure way that’s so compelling to read about. When I watched the movie Party Monster and then discovered it was based on a book, how could I resist? Disco Bloodb [...]

    20. Decided to read this as it was timely with the recent release of Michael Alig on parole. Alig has hit the ground running with an already in use twitter account (aptly named Alig_Aligula), and James St. James has already written aDear Michael letter to his frenemy. I'm dating myself but I came into adulthood around the time period of the club kids and have seen both the fictional movie and the 'shockumentary' that were based on this book. Perhaps because it was so sensationalist with so many maga [...]

    21. One of many pop-culture, current events books from the near to distant past that I will admit reading. A dark sordid catty tale soaked in drugs and as nearly pure evil as can be found on the bookshelf. And it's true stuff. Having been a denizen, if for a short time and mostly as an avid voyeur,of the Limelight crowd, one knew something really bad was going to happen. Nobody gets to live at the pace that so many on display at the clubs of the period did and get out unscathed. JStJ writes amazingl [...]

    22. I seem to be on a kick with this story--I saw the documentary, then the movie, then figured I'd try out the book. I'm glad I did! Totally enjoyable, even though it's incredibly sad. The murder of Angel Melendez is technically the central crime, but the drug abuse slowing (or not so slowly) killing all the protagonists is far more horrific. In a way, it keeps the murder from even seeming like a real murder, at least to the people who are doing the killing. They've left actual life and emotions so [...]

    23. After finishing this novel about the drug fueled world of the club kids that James St. James describes with great detail I almost felt like I'd overdosed on his writing. A little past the half way mark his constant descriptions of their hedonistic world and the ever-changing group of so-called friends exhausted me. It was an interesting book at turns hilariously funny and yet depressingly melancholy. The lengths these kids took to be the center of attention and fill their lives with excitement w [...]

    24. Wowza.I have been meaning to read this for so long! The movie has always fascinated me and I find James St. James terribly interesting. I always thought that Seth Green did an amazing job at portraying him and now after reading this, I'm so captivated by how well he captured James! Anyway, on to the book.I experienced so many emotions reading this. One moment I would e giggling and the next, I would be terrified. James St. James has such a way with words, it felt likeI was listening to him tell [...]

    25. Mentioned in passing in Moby's book I got this as a remainder to get the back story of the Club-kids murder hoo-hah. And wish I hadn't. I had assumed this was written by an impartial observer, but is actually written by someone who was in the middle of it and has just used the commission to write about himself incessantly. Endlessly narcissist, it would have been OK if he has something to say, but behind the bright colours he is just a boring, self-obsessed, drug addict. The main saving grace is [...]

    26. Usually I always choose the book over the movie, but in this case I'm tempted to rate them equally (for different reasons). While parts of the book offered more details than the movie, sometimes the details were boring or unnecessary. James St. James may be a good story teller, but he lacks necessary writing skills. I could do without the added whining and self loathing bits.

    27. Wow, for all the critical acclaim this book has received, I found it to be a self-indulgent mess. I can only be distracted by crazy stunts for so long. Static characters doing the same things over and over makes for a bad read. Even the movie was bad!

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