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The Spider's Web

The Spider s Web In this th mystery set on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming attorney Vicky Holden goes up against the community and Father John O Malley when she defends a potentially murderous outsider

  • Title: The Spider's Web
  • Author: Margaret Coel
  • ISBN: 9780425236604
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this 15th mystery set on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming, attorney Vicky Holden goes up against the community and Father John O Malley when she defends a potentially murderous outsider.

    • Unlimited [Romance Book] ✓ The Spider's Web - by Margaret Coel ¶
      247 Margaret Coel
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    1 thought on “The Spider's Web

    1. I went through a difficult period whilst reading "The Spider's Web"; I had discovered what a good read The Economist is and was trying hard to balance literature with current affairs. Despite this, and the constant interruptions I created, I found "The Spider's Web" easy to keep up with and, as with all Margaret Coel's books, quite gripping.A young Arapaho has been found murdered and suspicion falls on two others with a dubious reputation, but also on his white fiance. We see much of the story t [...]

    2. Margaret Coel has written a powerful story set on an Indian reservation and while many of the characters are Native Americans, this is really a story about redemption, betrayal and mental illness, as well as the resilience of the soul.A young woman jumps into the back of a pick up truck looking for something to take her away from her loneliness and the closing walls of a narrow existence. But she has picked the wrong day and the wrong people to travel with. The two men take her to the home of he [...]

    3. I began reading Margaret Coel in 2000 when she did a reading from one of her books. She is consistent in her storylines while using the same characters, Father John O'Malley, the Catholic priest, and Vicki Holden, the attorney. I really enjoy all her books and the history of the Arapaho she weaves into the story. Ned Windsong has returned to the area to straighten out his life by participating in the Sun Dance. Unfortunately for him, he is found murdered. His current white girlfriend, Marcy, is [...]

    4. In Margaret Coel's Wind River Reservation mystery series, all of her novels have a twist and something different--it deals with Native American cultures and customs. That's what makes it unique. In this story, we're into a tangled web of deception and heartbreak. We learn how the Native Americans feels about the white people, even now to this day, and how they live in the reservation to this day. I loved the setting of Wyoming and the Wind River Reservation itself. Very intricate in nature. We'r [...]

    5. Really enjoyed this book. I have never read any of Coel's books. I will certainly look for more of them now. The subject matter about the Wind River Indian Reservation and the Arapaho Indians is fascinating.

    6. This story isn't unusual for the Wind River series, but the perspective of a new character that's isn't Vickie or John was interesting. It added a new level of complexity to the story telling that made it feel more refreshed and new than it has for the last few books.

    7. I enjoy this series. Not sure if the Arapaho reservation is in Colorado or Wyoming, but that is where it is based. Because they talk about going to Denver and to Jackson Hole.Here a young man had trouble in Lander and then moved to Jackson Hole and finally decided to come back to the rez and cleanse himself by doing the Sun Dance. A white girl follows him back. He doesn't get to do the Sun Dance because he gets shot up and the girl gets knocked out. The girl turns out to be the daughter of a ric [...]

    8. I listened to the audiobook version of this book. Margaret Coel is coming to our library district to speak and I wanted to read/listen to one of her books before hearing her talk. She writes mysteries that revolve around the Wind River Reservation and the Arapahoe Tribe. I haven't read any other books in the series - just dove in and read the most recent book. One question that often occures is whether or not is possible to read and enjoy a book mid-series, and I would say with this series - yes [...]

    9. Margret Coel's Wind River Reservation books always leave me with a warm feeling. I've read the whole series and this book is the newest of the lot. The Native American characters are charming and the Jesuit priest (Father John O'Mally) is likeable. Vicki (the Native American lawyer) sometimes leaves me wondering about who she really is! A complex character, to be sure. This title is different from the rest in that Vicki and John spend very little time together on the crime. A young man from the [...]

    10. This is another good "Wind River Mystery." When I read a story with Father John O'Malley and Arapaho attorney Vicky Holden, I feel like I have had a visit with friends. (even though these are people I would never meet in my daily life)A white girl, Marcy Morrison, shows up on the reservation looking for her finace. (now if they are going to get married, why is she doesn't know where he is??) In short order she does find him (Ned Windsong), but not for long as he is shot to death and Marcy is the [...]

    11. After fifteen books in the series, Margaret Coel keeps her work fresh and compelling. In THE SPIDER'S WEB, Father John O'Malley and Vicky Holden are at odds for a change. Vicky is defending a white girl, whom Father John sees as deeply troubled and not to be believed. They disagree, but they care too much about each other to be disagreeable. They seem to have adjusted to their platonic relationship, but that doesn't mean I can't wish it were otherwise--especially since Adam Lone Eagle is nowhere [...]

    12. I have been reading the Wind River Mystery series for some time now, and it one of my favourite contemporary mystery series. Having said that, this one was not quite as good as what I've come to expect from this series. I also did not really care for the way this book ended. Too much unfinished business and undisclosed danger. But Father John O'Malley was still wonderful and that is the main thing that keeps me coming back to this series. I love the mix of modern life and ancient Arapaho customs [...]

    13. A quick, fun read. It was an impulse buy. I saw it in the Boulder authors section and saw that she wrote about the Wind River Reservation. I traveled through Wind River a few years ago on my way to Tetons and Yellowstone, so I thought it would be good to read and learn a little about the Cheyenne & Arapahoes. (I thought it might be similar to Hillerman's books on the Dine') I didn't really learn anything about the Cheyenne/Arapaho people. The author did describe a Sundance; I suppose if a pe [...]

    14. I love this series about Father John O'Malley and Vicky Holden on the Wind River reservation in Wyoming. This time, we have a very unstable young white woman who gets caught up in the midst of a burglary ring gone wrong. Vicky agrees to represent her so she doesn't get railroaded as an outsider on the rez, but in the meantime other people are much more likely to be guilty of everything from lying about what they know to murder.I like the series because there's not one person who is perfect; ever [...]

    15. A young Indian is found dead and a white girl battered and bruised in the house with the body. The two men who discovered the body are thought to be the killers although the motive is initially unclear. Vicki, at the urging of the girl's father, a prominent televangelist, agrees to take her as client to protect her interests with the authorities. Father John sets the girl up in the parish guest house for her protection, but the girl is a difficult person and has a number of issues with her fathe [...]

    16. It was refreshing to read this book in the series where it was not mentioned one time that Father John would have to leave the Wind River reservation. Usually there is a budget crisis and father John gets a call from his superiors saying that he may have to move onto another location. Ned Windsong is murdered, his fiancée beaten up and that's the beginning of the story. People on the reservation do not believe the fiancée's story as they believe she killed Ned. Vicki represents the fiancée, f [...]

    17. When Ned Windsong, recently returned to the reservation, is murdered, a girl claiming to be his fiancée identifies two Arapaho troublemakers as the killers. The girl’s father hires attorney Vicky Holden to look out for her interests. When it appears that she is in danger, Father John O’Malley agrees to let the girl hide out at the mission. Although the story is set on the Arapaho reservation, the story is not unlike an English village murder mystery, with a basic dynamic of the desire of th [...]

    18. Another wonderful mystery set on the Wind River Reservation. Father John O'Malley, the priest at the Mission and Vicky Holden a native American who is an attorney solve a murder of Ned Windsong who had returned to the reservation to prepare for a special dance. In the house where he is killed Marcy purported to be his fiancee is beaten and left for dead. His real girlfriend is with the two indians when he is found. What was Ned into? Marcy has hidden secrets that Father John can see. Will Marcy [...]

    19. Another great entry in the Wind River mystery series. This time, Coel stays in the present rather than drawing on history, as she has in the past. Who killed Ned and why? Anyone with information is is being executed or in danger of it! Vicki is hired to protect Ned's fiance, a white woman from Jackson, WY. What did she have to do with it? And what about his girlfriend, Roseanne? And is there a mastermind behind the burglary ring? Father John steps in to help and comfort as always, and is advised [...]

    20. Another mystery on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. The author manages to keep the action going with a murder of Ned, a popular young man, about to straighten out his life. The is followed by the murder of the two Arapaho men suspected of killing Ned. Against all this intrigue, Margaret Coel adds information about the old life of the Plains Indians, and also about the difficulties of current Native Americans finding jobs off the reservation due to prejudice. She also touches on the prevale [...]

    21. I liked this book in the series and was surprised as the ending didn't tie things up like the author normally does. It makes me wonder if the one character will make an appearance in a future book. For me there was no surprise at the end of who the killer was as I had figured it out about half way through. Although the book still made you wonder if this person had actually done all the killings or just some of them. I always enjoy reading about the history and heritage of the tribe which is told [...]

    22. This is the best Coel title in the Wind River Reservation that I have read so far. I was hooked from the first page when two Arapaho men enter a house and return to their truck saying they had discovered a murder OR did they really commit the murder. It is a cover up from the beginning, but are the accussed murderers actually the guilt party or are they just covering up other crimes they have committed. I could not put this one down until I discovered the murdered and there are lots of twist an [...]

    23. Part of a long-running mystery series, the Wind River Mysteries feature Father John O'Malley, a mission priest, and Arapaho attorney Vicky Holden. In this book, after Arapaho Ned Windsong is found dead his white girlfriend Marcy is seen as the prime suspect even after she identifies two men as his assailants. At the request of Marcy's televangelist father, Vicky Holden agrees to represent Marcy's interests; but Father O'Malley glimpses something in the girl's behavior that disturbs him. The ulti [...]

    24. #15 in the Wind River series. Winner of the 2011 Hillerman Sky Award.Wind River series - The murder of Ned Windsong, leaves a trail of suspicion around jilted girlfriend, Roseanne; white fiancee, Marcy; and thuggish friends Lionel and Dwayne. Father John provides refuge for Marcy and a hiding place for Roseanne, but his doubts about Marcy anger Vicky. Marcy's televangelist father hires Vicky to protect his daughter's interests.

    25. Father John O'Malley, S.J knows the desolate geography of the Wind River Reservation. He hates having to make death notice calls on his parishoners. Vicky Holden asks him to shelter a young woman who is a witness to the murder of Ned Windsong. It becomes apparent there is more to the murder than first meets the eye. Another lovely addition to this good series; I always enjoy visiting with Father John and Vicky.

    26. Father John and Vickie are trying to find out who killed a young Indian man, but Father John suspects the pretty white girl and Vicky is her defense attorney. By the end of the book they have determined who the killer is and are once again in sync despite problems in their personal lives. With every new book she produces, my desire for more of Margaret Coel;s writing increases - I wish she was as prolific as James Patterson.

    27. I may be tired of Arapahoe cultural customs because there seemed to be too many pages devoted to ceremonies land very little interplay in solving the mystery between Father John and Vicky.The story was one Indian resorting to theft of homes in order to get enough money to buy a ranch. The problem came because those in charge of the caper were into the drug market and "big crime" and a murder or two.

    28. Well, Margaret Coel has done it again with the latest in her Wind River Reservation series. If you are interested in Native American ways and culture, suspense, intrigue, religion and a little romance thrown in then you'll love this book, as well as the other books in this series. It's so gripping that you'll find you have trouble putting it down! Pick it up soon and I know you won't be disappointed! ;)

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