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Mao for Beginners

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  • Title: Mao for Beginners
  • Author: Rius Richard Appignanesi
  • ISBN: 9780906386071
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
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      132 Rius Richard Appignanesi
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      Posted by:Rius Richard Appignanesi
      Published :2018-08-11T21:35:11+00:00

    1 thought on “Mao for Beginners

    1. My favorite of the " For Beginners" series. Mao is the most likeable of the Soviet/Socialist figures by a long shot. It's too bad how things went in China, Communism really was a step up from how it was before. unfortunately certain people started realizing how much power they had. Oh well.

    2. "Those who regard Marxism-Leninism as religious dogma show…blind ignorance. We must tell them openly, 'Your dogma is of no use,' or use an impolite phrase,'Your dogma is less useful than excrement can fertilize the fields, and man's can feed the dog. And dogmas? They can't fertilize the fields, nor can they feed the dog. Of what use are they?""What was it that won over most villages to us? The Speak Bitterness sessions. We organized these in every village.""'Draw the bow without shooting, just [...]

    3. I guess this is an excellent book --- if you're a maoist. What about mentioning the largest man-made famine ever? Or any the disasters caused by Mao's "experiments", like the Great Leap "forward", or the Cultural Revolution? Apologetic propaganda piece if I ever saw one. Two stars because it's useful to understand how the maoists outside of China want(ed) to present their ideology and "history", which is little more than historical fiction. A well-earned place of honour in my "crap" shelf.

    4. It was an 'okay' read. The books was very one sided with Mao. Although he does have his shortcomings, the book still manages to show the best in him.I never knew much about Mao or the history of China. However, it's always good to know and learn. I'd look forward on reading more of these series. I tead the first edition written in 1980. That was only shortly after Mao's death.

    5. Someone gave this to me as a present. I have never before read a book (or encountered any other media) that presented Mao in any sort of favorable light. I am sure there is much, but I have not been exposed to it. It was an engaging read on a subject which I must admit that I don't know as much as I'd like to.

    6. I have to admit that I really like these illustrated introductory guides. I first discovered them when I was going to write a report on Karl Marx for my philosophy in literature class in high school.

    7. Helped me to understand the history of Mao and of pre-mao China. But didn't really help me to understand his actual policies or structures, or why he differed from the soviets in any meaningful ways. Overall a great introduction, Rius is always awesome. But it only gave me half of what I wanted.

    8. An adequate introduction to Chinese history and Maoist politics for beginners from a sympathetic point of view. Strays too close to Great Man theory for my liking.

    9. I must admit I was completely ignorant about Mao until I was truly englightened by this very easy intro into the life of a freedom fighter by the artist and political genius rius

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