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The Library Pages Mrs Heath is horrified when she sees the changes the students have made while she is on maternity leave from Happy Land Elementary School and wonders if her wonderful library will ever be the same

  • Title: The Library Pages
  • Author: Carlene Morton Valeria Docampo
  • ISBN: 9781602130456
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mrs Heath is horrified when she sees the changes the students have made while she is on maternity leave from Happy Land Elementary School and wonders if her wonderful library will ever be the same.

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    1 thought on “The Library Pages

    1. A librarian goes on maternity leave and her worst nightmares come true. The library pages arrange the books by color! They cut out animal pictures from the encyclopedias! They don't check out the books and just hand them out willy-nilly! The horror! This book is super adorable, and I love it with my little librarian heart.

    2. The perfect book for teaching kids what not to do at the library. A school librarian on maternity leave gets a surprise video of her kids "helping" at the library by organizing all the books by colors, creating a collage out of the encyclopedias and using pencils to mark places in a book for a school research project. All ends well and pairs well with.(spoiler)April's Fool Day.

    3. Fun book about kids sending a video to their librarian who is out on maternity leave. Her library pages or helpers have quite the surprise for her with all the mischief they have been up to. A fun way to review library rules!

    4. I was unsure whether or not to like this one or not. I think that only people who work in libraries will really appreciate it.

    5. Library Media Connection (November/December 2010)While Mrs. Heath, the librarian of Happyland Elementary School is out on maternity leave, she receives a DVD from the "Library Pages," her students who have been selected to assist the substitute for Mrs. Heath. Their responsibilities are to make sure the library rules are adhered to. However, while watching the DVD, Mrs. Heath slowly becomes horrified at what she sees. The video shows students breaking every rule in the library: book care, shelvi [...]

    6. One afternoon Mrs. Health finds a DVD and letter from her school in the mailbox. The letter says that since Mrs. Health is away after having twins, the students now help out at the library as Library Pages while the substitute naps. Mrs. Health pops in a movie that shows all the new Library Pages telling Mrs. Health not to worry, they will take care of the books while she’s gone. Now the DVD shows each of the pages doing their job at the library. They sort the skinny books together and the fat [...]

    7. I don't usually review children's books here unless they are wonderful and everyone should know about them, but I suspect that many of you, like me, love libraries, so I want to warn you away from this awful book. It's ostensibly about a librarian who is on family leave with her twins, and her library volunteers (pages) send her a video explaining how well they're getting along without her, cutting pages out of books and shelving by color instead of topic, etc. She is more and more aghast, decid [...]

    8. Love, love, loved this book. Mrs. Heath, the school librarian on maternity leave receives a DVD in the mail from her studentse new library pages. Obviously, they were well schooled (no pun intended) on the proper care and handling of the library books. From dog-eared pages to sticky, dirty hands. food and drink near library books to rearranging by spine color, these pages know (or do they?) all of the no-no's in libraryland. When they (oops!) momentarily forget all they learned, Mrs. Heath is ne [...]

    9. K-3rd- Mrs. Heath the school librarian receives a DVD and a letter from her students at Happyland Elementary while on maternity leave. In the letter the students mention that the substitute falls asleep while reading. So it’s up to the students to make sure that the library continues to run smoothly. The DVD depicts some terrifying scenes of how the students are taking care of the library; shelving thin books together, painting bookmarkers, plastic wrapping the books, color coding the books, d [...]

    10. A group of kids, the library pages, make a video for their school librarian, who is on maternity leave. They show her the new way they are running the library, like turning every fourth book spine side in and cutting out pictures from various books. The librarian gets more and more worried, but at the end, the kids reveal it was all a prank. It's a cute idea for a book, as it's a fun way to teach library behavior. However, some of the things the kids are doing in the story are permanent, like cu [...]

    11. A cute story about a librarian, Mrs. Heath, who is on maternity leave. Her students make a a video of the library after the substitute has made them all library pages. The students, of course, mishandle every aspect of the library from color coding books instead of using the Dewey Decimal System to plastic wrapping books so students can have the books in the cafeteria. This would be useful for introducing and/or reviewing library manners to students at the beginning of the year or half way throu [...]

    12. Mrs. Heath, the librarian at the Happyland Elementary School Library is away. Her substitute- before falling asleep- chooses a group of students to be library pages. These newly minted library pages send a letter and a DVD to Mrs. Heath to let her know how things are in her absence. Mrs. Heath becomes deeply concerned as the DVD progresses- the students are rearranging books, making messes, clipping pictures out of books. In the end, Mrs. Heath is relieved to learn that it's all an elaborate Apr [...]

    13. While their librarian, Mrs. Heath, is out on maternity leave, the children who work in the library as pages make a video to show her how they're taking care of the library. Unfortunately, what Mrs. Heath sees alarms her. The pages are breaking all the library rules! The library is in chaos! How will she ever put it back to rights?? Read it and see!This story is a clever way to teach children what NOT to do to books. I particularly liked the colorful artwork--wish I could get a hairdo like Mrs. H [...]

    14. (4.5 stars)Mrs. Heath, the librarian at Happy Land Elementary School is on maternity leave after having twin babies. A group of students assure her in a DVD not to worry because as the newest Library Pages, they've got things under control.A good book for 4th grade orientation. Discuss what is wrong with each of the Library Pages' actions. Ask afterwards for volunteers as the school year's newest Library Pages!

    15. Fantastic pictures. The kids go through different ways to "help" in the library while the librarian is on maternity leave, but their efforts are things that would actually make the library worse! Here's the thing: It's a DVD, so while it is a joke, they had to have done it for sake of the video. Could be useful in sharing what NOT to do, but I think librarians will enjoy it more than children.

    16. I really wanted to like this book, but about the only thing I liked about it were the illustrations. Mrs. Heath, the librarian who is on maternity leave, receives a letter and DVD from her Library Pages about the state of the Library while she is out. The children state they are arranging the books by color instead of Dewey number, letting children eat with their books and all sorts of library no-nos. Mrs. Heath is petrified until she gets to the end of her DVD.

    17. I ran across this book while shelving one day. (Yes, I am actually a librarian to works in the Children's Department). I decided to read it real quick and loved it! Since I'm a librarian myself, I found this humorous seeing as I've dealt with pretty much all of these situations at one point or another. Purposely or not. And I think it's a good book to read to the kids to teach them what NOT to do at a library and with books. Cute book. Loved it!

    18. While the school librarian is on maternity leave, many of her students decide to make an April Fools video for her. They become library pages, and while appearing to be helpful actually do everything wrong you can do to a book. I think this book is great to show children how you should treat books by showing them what not to do. Very cute illustrations and storyline.

    19. I wanted to like it (librarian from NC wrote the book) but it was confusing, especially to a preschooler/early education level to whom it is directed. The librarian is home on maternity leave and received a dvd from her students that includes all the things NOT to do in a libraryexcept the confusion is that it's not clear that you don't do these things. Eh!

    20. As an elementary librarian, this book terrified me, raising my heart rate and blood pressure upon reading about all of the "wonderful" changes the kids made to the library while the librarian is on maternity leave. Thank goodness the book ends happily or I would've fallen out of my chair. Good resource for teaching students about proper library behavior.

    21. What happens at a school library when the librarian is out sick and the substitute falls asleep? The kids try to help out and rearrange the library by color shape and size. Chaos ensues everywhere! Written with a humorous take on a nightmare all school librarians have, The Library Pages is an excellent book to leave for a substitute in a school library for grades K-3.

    22. I'm thinking this story will need to be read well after the initial lessons on library procedures/rules/book care, maybe after the Christmas holidays--or better yet, perhaps around April. ;D A lot of times library-based stories fall flat with my students, but I think this one may go over better than some, just for the fun factor--and if I ham it up.

    23. I love this story! I volunteer at an elementary school library, so I can relate first-hand to every cringe and sigh and gasp in this story. It is a wonderful read, and would make a great gift for anyone who works in a library. It is also a great lesson for kids about what not to do to books. They must be treated with care!

    24. Picture Book #11This book would be great for a librarian to read to classes throughout the day to explain policies and procedures of the library in a fun way. I did not like the illustrations at all, but the story itself was light-hearted and educational.

    25. My students love this book and have no idea they are learning about library procedures and concepts as we read. They are having too much fun following the mishaps of students as their librarian is on maternity leave. Good for 2nd graders.

    26. At first I thought this was a horror story for librarians. This book would be excellent for school library orientation at the beginning of a school year--highlighting what should or shouldn't be done to books or in the library.

    27. I felt that this was one of those rather specialized books written by a librarian for the use of librarians. I don't know how widely popular this book would be, but I can see elementary librarians using it to good effect.

    28. Although this might be appreciated more by librarians then their average young patrons, library lovers and workers will see the humor as the library pages appear to wreak havoc in the library while their leader is out on maternity leave and her replacement is pictured sleeping in a chair.

    29. April Fools! When the librarian is out on leave, the library pages send her a video of just how well they are taking care of the library. Books are being shelved out of order, art collages are being made from the picture books, and the circulation system has been turned off! OH NO! =)

    30. The school librarian, Mrs. Heath, is on maternity leave. Her students make a DVD about the new way they have learned to take care of the library. This is a fun April Fool's Day story that also gives a great opportunity to review library manners and book care.

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