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Gunsights Brendan Early and Dana Moon have tracked renegade Apaches together and gunned down scalp hunters to become Arizona legends But now they face each other from opposite sides of what newspapers are calli

  • Title: Gunsights
  • Author: Elmore Leonard
  • ISBN: 9780060013509
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
  • Brendan Early and Dana Moon have tracked renegade Apaches together and gunned down scalp hunters to become Arizona legends But now they face each other from opposite sides of what newspapers are calling The Rincon Mountain War Brendan and a gang of mining company gun thugs are dead set on running Dana and the People of the Mountain from their land The characters are uBrendan Early and Dana Moon have tracked renegade Apaches together and gunned down scalp hunters to become Arizona legends But now they face each other from opposite sides of what newspapers are calling The Rincon Mountain War Brendan and a gang of mining company gun thugs are dead set on running Dana and the People of the Mountain from their land The characters are unforgettable, the plot packed with action and gunfights from beginning to end.

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      487 Elmore Leonard
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    1 thought on “Gunsights

    1. When two friends (and Arizona legends) Bren Early and Dana Moon find them on opposite sides of a land dispute, will them come to bloodshed over mining rights? And what of Sundeen, the bounty hunter that they should have killed years beforeElmore Leonard passed away this week so I dropped what I was reading and gave this a read. While it's an early Leonard and not up to the standards of his later crime novels, all the Leonard hallmarks are still there: smooth dialogue, likeable characters, and lo [...]

    2. Treasure of the Rubbermaids 3: You Tell Them I'm Coming! - And Hell's Coming With Me!The on-going discoveries of priceless books and comics found in a stack of Rubbermaid containers previously stored and forgotten at my parent’s house and untouched for almost 20 years. Thanks to my father dumping them back on me, I now spend my spare time unearthing lost treasures from their plastic depths.It was good time to find this one while digging through the Rubbermaid stack. I’d been in the mood to r [...]

    3. Bren Early and Dana Moon are occasional partners and uneasy friends who have been through more than their share of harrowing adventures together over the years. But it looks like fate may land them on opposite sides of a land war-- Moon has taken the job of Indian Affairs agent, tasked with protecting the interests of the residents of Rincon Mountain, and Early is in the employ of a powerful mining company that wants the native's off the mountain. Tensions build as newsmen from around the countr [...]

    4. If you are familiar with Elmore Leonard, you'll find the same snappy dialogue, tough good guys, and a$$hole bad guys that fill his other work. Still, it doesn't stand up to his crime fiction throughout the first half of the book, it goes back and forth from past to present. A couple of flashbacks are okay but for this story I don't think it was needed or perhaps not done as well as it could've been. Also, there was a very, very minor character that was brought in and then we are given the start [...]

    5. In this novel, two men are on opposite sides of a conflict between a mining company and a scattering of settlers on an Arizona mountainside: Apaches, Mexicans, and former 10th Cavalry regulars. The two central characters were at one time friends and partners, and the novel begins in Sonora with their retrieval of an Apache chief and a white girl.While there, they are involved in the shooting of a gang who have been after the same chief to collect a large bounty. Now one of the two former partner [...]

    6. Excellent western with (at least for me) a nice surprise ending. Leonard does not glamorize the west, showing that even the good guys sometimes have ulterior motives. He also shows what persistence and bravery will do for you. Enjoy this one.

    7. A suspenseful western novel by Elmore Leonard. Spent a couple late nights where I could not stop reading. Highly recommend this book.

    8. This quickly became one of my favorite westerns and one of my favorite El Leonard novels. Dana Moon and Bren Early, individuals and sometimes partners find their paths interweaving. Sometimes it's on purpose, sometimes it's not. But usually it means they're (one, the other, or both) in trouble. It has all the hallmarks of Leonard; great characters, great dialogue, great action, and all come together in a great story thanks to his great writing. A true master of the art.

    9. I found this to be a quick, engrossing read. Elmore's characters are all interesting and most are likeable, even some of the bad ones. The story had twists and turns and good dialogue that keeps the reader going.

    10. Greed, honor, friendship and betrayal in the old West, done as only Elmore Leonard can. The dialog is terse and evocative and the adventure fast paced and totally absorbing.

    11. Unusual endingVerified Purchase(What's this?)This review is from: Gunsights (Kindle Edition)This is another of Elmore Leonard's gritty, realistic westerns. Great character development which makes the reader care about what happens to them. The ending is odd but believable.

    12. Not so long ago, my dad asked me if I had ever watched the Justified series on FX. I replied that, no, I hadn’t but it looked good. I’m a huge fan of Elmore Leonard.We talked about about Get Shorty and 3:10 to Yuma, both based on Elmore Leonard stories. I recommend The Hot Kid, which was my first experience with Mr. Leonard, and a book that blew me away. Changed my world. Showed me what a writer could really do. Something about this great writer’s mastery of character and dialogue resonate [...]

    13. A perfect little book, maybe a mini-masterpiece. Leonard's last Western sees him writing at the top of his game. It starts with a bunch newspaper reporters in town for a legendary feud, one that is almost wholly a media construction. Through the reporters' perspective we are introduced to our main characters via two photographs. These photos act like a freeze frame, BUT before we've seen the rest of the "film."It's a fantastic intro. The photos both immediately establish character and pose any n [...]

    14. The most formally complex (which is to say, still not very) Leonard book I've read so far! Dude's got little SUBchapters and all now As odd as it must have seemed to loyal Leonard readeres, this sudden turn into the fanciful is actually a good reflection of the story's themes of inflated egos and manufactured legends. The West was built on tall tales, and none so scaffolded as that of Bren Early and Dana Moon. Two best friends who once went chasing the same Apache kidnapper together now on oppos [...]

    15. Gunsights is an astounding read. As what I'm finding in most Elmore Leonard stories, he does things a bit differently. About half of this book is flashbacks, but somehow Leonard pulls off with style what other authors avoid because flashbacks are next to impossible to do well.As for the story, while that may seem cliche (two former partners and close friends finding themselves in a situation in which they have to face-off), it isn't. The ending is good, very good. There is a prototypical antagon [...]

    16. I know Elmore Leonard as a modern-crime fiction writer, so I decided to try out his highest-rated ( edition) western novel, 'Gunsights.' Chock-full of his trademark grit, and witty prose, the novel is true Leonard--in a Western setting. While I took some issue with the ending (hence 3 stars, instead of 4), I would nonetheless recommend this book to anyone who's enjoyed him in other formats. I really enjoy Leonard's gift for capturing a moment from disparate perspectives, and his gift for writing [...]

    17. If your a fan of Elmore Leonard's westerns, then you'll enjoy his 1979 taleGunsights . It's the story of a mining company's efforts to drive out Indians and other settlers in land that had been deeded over to it by the federal government. It is also a tale about the search for glory, reputation and remembrance. The story has a quirky and sudden ending, but it's an enjoyable read that includes an appearance by a forbearer of Barry Goldwater.

    18. A very clever and entertaining story, masterfully written. My only complaint is that Leonard resorted to crude language and slightly more sexually explicit material more frequently than he did in his shorter Western works. I still view Elmore Leonard as the best of the best among authors of Westerns.

    19. I don't care if I can't much separate the characters from his other Westerns that I've read so far; the book's only 170 or so pages, so with the simplicity and resulting pace of the story, your focus as a reader is on the action and decision-making in the moment.I've wondered if the basic formula will get tiresome to me; but in actuality, when you're this good of a writer, it doesn't matter.

    20. Dutch Leonard is my favorite writer of all time. The only author who I am going to read everything he has written. L Pierce.Elmore Leonard's voice whether writing in an urban or western setting is genuine. He is one of the few authors whose work I want to read all of. L. Pierce Boston

    21. Very good. More characters than usual. More depth with Bren Early than we normally see in a Leonard character. Dana Moon is another character similar to the lead in "Hombre". Better ending than "Valdez is Coming". Recommended.

    22. Sad to believe that this brilliant author is gone from the planet. Except, of course, he left us with a major part of him. His wonderful books. Of which 'Gunsights' is one. So not too gone after all.

    23. very entertaining. characters are greatch like Lonesome Dove! That's high praise! Weak ending however

    24. It took a while for this book to grab me, but I knew Leonard would reward patience. The story picked up and never stopped! Great Elmore Leonard story and characters.

    25. A lot of great rumination on the myths vs. reality. So much fun, as always. One of my favorite westerns. Kate Moon is my kind of woman.

    26. Fun western by Leonard. Interesting play on action drama, especially the ending that just sort of falls apart.

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