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Burn Anna Pigeon a Ranger with the National Park Service is on administrative leave from her job as she recovers from the traumas of the past couple of months while the physical wounds have healed the e

  • Title: Burn
  • Author: Nevada Barr
  • ISBN: 9781441816078
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Anna Pigeon, a Ranger with the National Park Service, is on administrative leave from her job as she recovers from the traumas of the past couple of months while the physical wounds have healed, the emotional ones are still healing With her new husband busy and back at work, Anna decides to go to stay with an old friend from the Park Service, Geneva, who works as a singAnna Pigeon, a Ranger with the National Park Service, is on administrative leave from her job as she recovers from the traumas of the past couple of months while the physical wounds have healed, the emotional ones are still healing With her new husband busy and back at work, Anna decides to go to stay with an old friend from the Park Service, Geneva, who works as a singer at the New Orleans Jazz National Historic Park.Anna isn t in town long before she crosses paths with a tenant of Geneva s, a creepy guy named Jordan She discovers what seems to be an attempt to place a curse on her a gruesomely killed pigeon marked with runic symbols and begins slowly to find traces of very dark doings in the heart of post Katrina New Orleans Tied up in all of this evil magic are Jordan, who is not at all what he appears to be a fugitive mother accused of killing her husband and daughters in a fire and faint whispers of unpleasant goings on in the heart of the slowly recovering city.Now it will take all of Anna s skills learned in the untamed outdoors to navigate the urban jungle in which she finds herself, to uncover the threads that connect these seemingly disparate people, and to rescue the most vulnerable of creatures from the most savage of animals.

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    1 thought on “Burn

    1. SIIIIIIGGGHHI guess I'm finished with Nevada Barr. Her Ranger Anna Pigeon series started out friendly enough, but the last few books have been edgier and more explicit and I'm just not handling it. I don't blame Nevada or anyone. I'm just choosing to read other things. The sadness comes in thinking of how happy I was to find this series about a female park ranger (because I happen to be a female park ranger)only to see that in order to keep selling books or pleasing the world or whatever the mot [...]

    2. This was a more difficult read than the "typical" Anna Pigeon mystery novel. Instead of the wide vistas of various national parks and the descriptions of the natural world that offset the human predators she deals with, the setting is the darker side of New Orleans and modern day sex slavery and pedophiles. The story is dark and the characters are also.Anna continues her recovery from her breakdown after her traumatic experiences written about in Winter Study and only partially relieved (if not [...]

    3. All of you naysayers just don't want to accept the truth - humans are a failed species. You whiny people are the reason monsters like this get away with this type of thing - - you CHOOSE TO IGNORE THE TRUTH. This sort of thing --- IT IS YOUR FAULT FOR IGNORING IT! Nevada Barr does an EXCEPTIONAL job of telling the truth about horrors that are the horrible, devastating truth. If you can't stand it? Do something about it. Find these people. Kill them. They don't deserve to live.Ms Barr has taken o [...]

    4. Oh how it pains me to give a Nevada Barr book a 1 star rating. I like Nevada Barr, I like her style, I love Anna Pigeon, but I just can't get behind her choice to use this subject matter. In fact, I kind of wish I could give this a no star rating. I missed Anna running through the wilderness in a national park seeking out clues to a murder. Running from a forest fire or a wolf or climbing through a cave. I missed discussions of natural formations and of camping. I missed learning of her love of [...]

    5. I was excited to win this advance-read book on , especially because I have read other books by Nevada Barr in her Anna Pigeon series and I really like the character. This story was darker than some of Anna's other adventures. It delves so deeply into the worst of human nature, that you cringe, but ultimately you are left with a sense of good triumphing over evil. Barr's other main character in this book, Clare, is written so well that you literally feel her pain and wish you could reach through [...]

    6. This Nevada Barr mystery was not as enjoyable as the previous novels. I had a difficult time getting into the book and sticking with it. Burn features National Park Ranger Anna Pigeon, who gets pulled into an investigation involving pedophilia while on Administrative Leave in New Orleans. I didn't care for the New Orleans setting of the book and have really enjoyed the outdoor settings in the national parks in the past. That may be why I didn't care for "Burn" as much as Barr's previous novels. [...]

    7. I'm kind of ready for Anna Pigeon to be killed off. I'm tired of her. I'm tired of Nevada Barr's bad writing. Out of fairness to Barr, I'm wishing her character dead instead of her. If I thought Barr's writing would improve.but it won't.Everything about Burn is unappealing: the urban settings of New Orleans and Seattle rather than the wilderness glories of a national park; the child sex trade; stupid plot lines; annoying characters. Technically, it is set in a national park: the New Orleans Jazz [...]

    8. First of all, I have to say that I’m tired of main recurring characters in mystery novels that do dumb and dangerous things when there are smarter and safer alternatives. I’m getting fed up!What’s wrong with me that I liked this book?! This mystery is practically the opposite of a cozy mystery, and they’re the type of mysteries I tend to enjoy the most. And, I didn’t enjoy it as much as most of Barr’s other 15 books. It was incredibly suspenseful and engrossing and I was fooled at on [...]

    9. In the past that I've really enjoyed Nevada Barr's "Anna Pigeon" series of mysteries. I wanted to pass along a message about the latest release in that series, "Burn." I actually recommend you SKIP this book. I picked it up as a matter of course, and while it has the same kinds of elements that I've enjoyed from the previous novels (e.g suspense, complex characters, moral ambiguity, etc.), this one wasn't fun to read. The mystery was packed with those elements, yes, but the subject matter, the e [...]

    10. We're a Barr/Anna Pigeon fan, but as many of her fans have duly observed, the storyline in "Burn" is nearly as dark and disagreeable (child sex trafficking, with lurid details throughout) as her non-Pigeon "thriller" “13-1/2.” Anna is on vacation in New Orleans, recuperating from the horrors/injuries of the prior novel "Borderline". The "time off" lasts only a few pages before she's embroiled in understanding and investigating a "gutter punk" (we're still not too sure exactly what that is, w [...]

    11. I had trouble with "Hard Truth" (Anna Pigeon series) because of the child abuse, but that was nothing compared to the horrendous, disgusting, detailed descriptions of child trafficking and sexual abuse by pedophiles in "Burn." The last two books that I read by Barr were not up to her usual excellence, but I reread the first ten Pigeon novels and "Bittersweet" (by Barr) because I enjoyed them so much. "Burn" was given me as a gift and I was hoping that this book would be up to her earlier writing [...]

    12. I've been meaning to read Nevada Barr's Anna Pigeon series for a while, as I'm a big fan of US national parks, and like crime fiction set in rural areas. The idea of a series set in a different national park each time, with a park ranger as the investigator, was right up my alley. So when I saw BURN on the shelf at my local library when I was back in New Zealand on holiday recently, I grabbed it.Bluntly, it may not have been the best example of Barr's series, representatively, in that it's actua [...]

    13. This book gets a three-star rating as an average. There are aspects that are excellent, and aspects that I feel were not Nevada Barr's best work.The plot is intricately woven, with two story lines that do not overlap until the middle of the book. Barr's descriptions of people and places bring them to life, as always, and her writing is evocative and well-crafted. I have to give the writing a 4.5.But I feel there are problems with this novel. For starters, the strength of Barr's protagonist is th [...]

    14. I'm a big fan of Nevada Barr. Her writing is so descriptive, you feel as if you're with Anna Pigeon as she's fighting a wildfire (Ill Wind) or crawling around caverns deep inside the earth (Blind Descent).In Barr's newest, Anna is in New Orleans visiting an old friend who works for the NPS and recovering from her last adventure. Her husband is back in Mississippi, taking care of business as a sheriff and a preacher.But Barr can't let Anna recover for long. She gets entangled with a mother on the [...]

    15. I'm only going to be able to give this book 3 stars, 3 and a half if GRs had half stars. Let me say first that Nevada Barr is one of my favorite writers. She is so descriptive. But the subject matter is quite disturbing. Mmy main quarrel with the book is that was confusing in the beginning. I went back and read the first 25 pages just to be sureAnna sees Jordan in New Orleans before Claire leaves Seattle or Portland or where ever she was. I realize Barr was TRYING to confuse us, but at least she [...]

    16. Nevada Barr seems to be hit and miss in the Anna Pigeon series. I loved Borderline, despite some of the unbelievable parts, but its predecessor, Winter Study, was one of the worst in the series. Burn comes somewhere in between. Like with all of her books, there comes a time I just cannot stop reading. But the world she created here in New Orleans was just too over the top. The people were just too awful. As always, she has a stereotypical horrible male character--this one a child-molesting polic [...]

    17. I'm only going to be able to give this book 3 stars. The subject matter of this book, which I listened to on CD, was quite disturbing. The first part of the book was confusing and boring. Then when it got good, towards the middle, the first hint of the real subject of children traded and used in human trafficking against their will was almost too much to handle. But by then, it's too late to stop listening because you're hooked. I hate to think these kinds of things exist in the world, but I gue [...]

    18. A longtime fan of Nevada Barr, I was thrilled to receive the chance to review this ARC.It can be read as a stand-alone, easily enjoyable without having necessarily been previously introduced to Anna Pigeon.The plot is beautifully woven together. I would liken it to a jigsaw puzzle being formed from two different starting places, gradually meeting in the middle - then being fleshed out, and filled in.Anna is taking some much needed downtime, visiting her friend Geneva in New Orleans. Her vision o [...]

    19. First, this disclaimer: I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher. My thanks to St. Martin's Press & !I've been a Nevada Barr fan for a long while, and have read all of her books. I especially enjoy the ones set in the south, in locales I recognize; this was another familiar location - New Orleans. Usually Anna Pigeon is found out in the wilderness somewhere pursuing her job as a park ranger. This time out she is loosely attached to New Orleans Jazz NHP, while continuing to [...]

    20. Powerful story line. Anna isn't involved as deeply with national parks as she's still on leave. She goes to vacation in New Orleans where park workers perform in national parks run music hall. Anna rents off blind singer,Genevieve, who also has a tenant there searching for her daughters who were abducted form home in Seattle. Home was blown up, two young bodies found as well as husband's. Clare, an accomplished actress, poses as Jordan, male, so as to blend in with under current in New Orleans.T [...]

    21. It took me a while to realize that I was, actually, caught up on Barr's prior books after I found this in my local bookstore; that was due to my mistaken sense of time rather than Barr's transition between books. This book was interesting. I know that Barr's books are usually gritty, but this one felt even grittier than most. That very well could have just been the result of the topic (child abduction into prostitution) -- or it could be that I forget how gritty Barr's books are from book to bo [...]

    22. As a general rule, I don't rate books I don't finish, although I guess not having finished them is often enough of a rating. In the case of Burn, I listened to the first five of the ten disks, but I'm done. The two converging subplots are intriguing, but I'm just tired of being told how each of the heroines feels, ad nauseam. If someone wants to tell me the outcome, in 25 words or less, I'll be glad to listen, but in truth, I've moved on.I know Nevada Barr has a large, devoted following, so I'm [...]

    23. This book is seriously disturbing. It revels in horrifying, grotesquely graphic depictions of the worst kinds of violence against children. The plot line falls very thin in several places, characters who are interesting and engaging (e.g Geneva) are not developed, while the ickiest of the icky are given too much air time. If you consider this book at all, consider the title an imperative. That's all that should be done with this rot. Full disclosure: I am a Nevada Barr fan, and have read (and en [...]

    24. I love Nevada Barr's Anna Pigeon series. I'm an outdoorsy person and mystery lover so I've enjoyed the settings for the books and the ranger lifestyle that is depicted. Barr went way off base for me with her previous novel 13 1/2 which was not part of the Pigeon series. It was hard to believe it was written by the same author. I was happy to see another Anna Pigeon book, but the subject matter is very disturbing. The book is set in New Orleans so I didn't get my wilderness fix. The writing was g [...]

    25. I won this book through the First Read program and what a lucky girl I am! It won't be out until August, but I get to read it now!This may end up being one of my favorites. I've been a Nevada Barr fan since the beginning, but enjoyed this one more than ever. It takes place in New Orleans, rather than out in the wilderness, but the opportunity to see Anna in an urban jungle adds depth to her character. As usual, Anna can't stay out of trouble, and although the "mystery" part of the story is solv [...]

    26. I did not like it as well as previous books in the series. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed the "nature" connection, but apparently that is important to my enjoyment of the series. This book takes place in New Orleans, and Anna is not directly connected to park work, as she is on leave. She is staying with a park employed friend, however.Also, there seems to be an escalation of the "darkness" of the crimes, and I was not thrilled with the dual protagonists, either. All that said, I still enjo [...]

    27. This is a hard book for me to rate. Again, as with Borderline, the early part of the book has too much focus on the one-shot characters for me. I much prefer remaining always with the main character as in first person narratives. This time I was especially put off by the subject matter and even Anna's first encounter was distasteful to me.Anna's visits to Voodoo shops were fascinating and finally the book began to hold my interest. Alas, her trip to one of the Bourbon Street strip joints almost [...]

    28. Unlike previous books this one is only very loosely, by the very finest definition, based in a National Park. Anna is far from the wild places, but not wild predators. Is it just me, or is anyone else tired of New Orleans being the go to hotbed of corruption & perversion for writers? And I used to think Anna was pretty smart, but these last two booksWhat I learned? 1. Don't leave your cell phone in someone else's pants. 2. When you know the local police are corrupt, & you have an in with [...]

    29. This is my first Anna Pigeon book and I know I will have to read more books about her. I love New Orleans, so the setting sucked me in from the beginning. And like the streets in the French Quarter, the plot has hidden surprises, bumps, cracks, and a glimpse of the dirty underbelly of society. I may not recommend this to everyone, simply because the subject matter is too icky for some. But I found I couldn't put it down about half-way through.

    30. Sigh. Great descriptions of New Orleans. Much better plotting and characterization than in the last few books. But horrific stuff about children. So, no, I can't say I "liked" this book. And I am also growing a little weary of our main character's trust issues. But by golly I'm going to read on out through the end of the series . . en with her too long to turn back now.

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