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Verliebt In Einen Vampir

Verliebt In Einen Vampir Nach einer Nachtschicht in der Pathologie erwacht Rachel Garrett in fremder Umgebung und noch dazu vollkommen nackt Ihr erster Gedanke ist so schnell wie m glich das Weite zu suchen Doch da sieht sie

  • Title: Verliebt In Einen Vampir
  • Author: Lynsay Sands Regina Winters
  • ISBN: 9783802584251
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nach einer Nachtschicht in der Pathologie erwacht Rachel Garrett in fremder Umgebung und noch dazu vollkommen nackt Ihr erster Gedanke ist, so schnell wie m glich das Weite zu suchen Doch da sieht sie den Mann ihrer Tr ume aus einem Sarg steigen, und der Blick seiner silbernen Augen l sst sie nicht mehr los Dreihundert Jahre lang war der Vampir Etienne Argeneau JunggeseNach einer Nachtschicht in der Pathologie erwacht Rachel Garrett in fremder Umgebung und noch dazu vollkommen nackt Ihr erster Gedanke ist, so schnell wie m glich das Weite zu suchen Doch da sieht sie den Mann ihrer Tr ume aus einem Sarg steigen, und der Blick seiner silbernen Augen l sst sie nicht mehr los Dreihundert Jahre lang war der Vampir Etienne Argeneau Junggeselle

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      384 Lynsay Sands Regina Winters
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    1 thought on “Verliebt In Einen Vampir

    1. This book was also okay. I liked the couple okay. I think Etienne should have been a little more smooth with the women being as he was over 300 years old but whatevs. So what if his game is a little weak. I could get over that. I would have liked it a whole lot better if the bad guy wasn't a big stupid turd. I mean his name was Pudge for fuck sake! Pudge!!! I mean he wasn't badass he was just a huge annoying shithook. Come on Etienne, this stupid geeky weak ass human has tried to kill you over 4 [...]

    2. “Everything's all fun and games until someone gets an ax in the chest.”Yeah, I hate when that happens.So, Rachel is a coroner who is kind of a perv. She's all creeping on this corpse, thinking how sexy he is. I seriously think that her boss should be apprised of this situation.But, don't worry, her dream-corpse is actually a vampire, so it's not at all necrophilia for her to be having sex dreams about him.Also, she throws herself in front of an ax-wielding maniac to stop him from cutting off [...]

    3. This book contains a scene so gross, I'm surprised every other review doesn't begin "OMG, this book is so gross!" I don't think any other reviewer has even mentioned it. Is it seriously just me that is icked out when a very hungry vampire woman goes down on a guy and starts thinking about actually eating him like a sausage? And later he gets caught lying there naked by a relative, with a flacid, bite-marked penis. HURL!Anyway, aside from that fun time, it was pleasant but on the dull side. Highl [...]

    4. Love Bites, by Lynsay Sands - Light PNR, Contemporary Vampire SeriesI've only read one other book by Lynsay Sands ("Sweet Revenge"), which was one of her older historical romances. Although I liked "Sweet Revenge" well enough, it didn't compel me to want to snatch up her backlist at the time. Sands writing style is simple and easy reading, and since I prefer a deeper, more complex and emotional writing style in my historicals, I believe that's why I didn't pursue her after "Sweet Revenge." "Love [...]

    5. Our protagonist in this story is named Rachel. She is a coroner that works the graveyard shift. When an attractive dead guy gets rolled in, she can't believe she is attracted to said dead man. But that's alright because her "dead" guy is actually a vampire. Etienne can't believe his luck. He's ended up in the morgue twice this week. Pudgy is really becoming a problem - especially since he just axed the pretty redhead coroner. She saved his life, so now he must save her the only way he can.Lynsay [...]

    6. IT BITES AND IT SUCKS!!!Love Bites is the second book in the Argeneau’s series. I must admit I read these out of order because I was unable to find books 2,3, and 4 but now I have them and I was not disappointed. A light vampire read filled with family and love.Etienne is one of the youngest of the bunch being a little over three hundred years old, so he gets no respect from his brothers. His job is to create video games and his most popular is Blood Lust, a game about rogue vampires and their [...]

    7. It was a funny, fluffy read until near the middle when became boring for me.Rachel is a forensic pathologist when Etienne Argeneau (believed dead) and personal stalker intervene in her life. The dialogues when she wakes up are funny, and the first Argeneau family reunion. But I didn't care Etienne's personality after that (misleading Rachel to keep her), and the 'push' of Thomas.(Pudge reminds me at the end of BTVS's Andrew)

    8. The 2nd book in the series and another "this was hard to put down" book. Your basic love story. Rachel Garrett is a coroner who works nights at the morgue. Etienne Argeneau is a Vampire who keeps getting "killed" by his stalker - called Pudge. On his second trip to the morgue Pudge bursts through the doors with a gun and an ax and tries to cut off Etienne's head to finish the job - but Rachel jumps in front of Etienne and takes a direct hit with the ax. Etienne can't let Rachel die when she save [...]

    9. This too was an okay read but I think it bears mentioning again that this is one weird-ass series. xDHears the thing, I'm never gonna reread this. And even though I finished this just this morning and yeah I do remember it, plot, characters, everything, it still feels like I don't. As if I read this over a week ago and am only just getting around to writing the review, you get?Ah but yes at the end I was looking for Bastien to be next rather than Luc but yeah. I hope I make it to his book, they' [...]

    10. Dr. Rachel Garrett a coroner working at the hospital´s morgue doesn´t feel very well. She has fever but nonetheless she wants to see through her nightshift and do her work. When a corpse of a shot man is brought in she starts the examination but suddenly the corpse comes to life again. Etienne Argeneau, a vampire, was shot by a self-proclaimed vampire hunter and needed some time to repair the damage to this body and seemed to be dead. When he tries to eleminate the memories of him ever being i [...]

    11. Finally persevered with this. I had picked it up a few times, read the first couple of chapters then put it down again. I usually would have given up on it by then, but I had interloaned it from another library and so didn't want to "waste" it.Anyway, after all of my hesitation, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was indeed a light read, not as funny as the first in this series, but a great read all the same. I love the Argeneau family. My only real negative for this book, was the fairly easy ac [...]

    12. Rachel is a hospital coroner who gets a shock when a dead body comes back to life. Etienne, a vampire, was killed by a vampire hunter and reanimates after some recovery time. Pudge the vampire hunter bursts into the morgue and fatally injures Rachel so Etienne feels obliged to turn her to save her. Trouble is, Rachel refuses to believe she is a vampire and Pudge won't give up on killing them both.What did I like about the book? I loved Pudge! He was so pathetic and weird and a total nutjob and I [...]

    13. Light quick easy read, which was just what I wanted in the midst of reading 3 different thinky books ("Ardeur", "The Fountainhead", and "The Paradox of Choice" (nf)). This is one of those "vampires as people with fangs" book. In other words, vampire light. It's also one of those books that are heavy on the romance and determined to have a perfect HEA. The heroine is the hero's one and only chance at a lifemate. I know, a bit on the cheesy side, but it fit my mood that day.Besides, it was in a pi [...]

    14. I started this series with book one and really enjoyed the characters and the Argeneau family. I then skipped around the series because some of these books filled reading challenges that I was in. Even though I skipped around this series I did want to read each book. I already knew the outcome of Rachel and Etienne’s relationship but wanted to read it anyhow. I found it funny, serious, and slightly romantic. It was an enjoyable read and I can’t wait to finish this long, long, loooong series. [...]

    15. This book was AMAZING! The chart on the back, states that it is Gothic- definitely an old, overly large house, though with a modern blue touch. Romantic- YES, YES AND YES! Those were the screams coming out of the bedrooms of our characters, leaving me slightly warm (if you know what I mean). Action packed- in the first chapters people are shot, people are blown up- definitely covers that and more! Funny- I cracked up from the first chapter and the laughs continued till my stomach was in cramps. [...]

    16. Love Bites is a far better offering than the first book in the series, A Quick Bite, and is probably suitable for readers looking for a lighter paranormal romance who don't mind sacrificing plot for the sake of their warm fuzzies and who can overlook some fairly glaring wrong words and poor editing (whoever missed some of these errors should be shot).It's a quick read and the character development in this novel is certainly better than in the first, although the plot seemed terribly familiar tow [...]

    17. This was a really good book. I loved the characters, their personalities, the plot, and the ending. This was great and definitely had me reading into the wee hours of dawn. There were emotions, humor, some fun, suspense, a little action, craziness (of the good and bad variety), tough and good moments, and a good HEA. I actually laughed out at some parts, held my breath, and wanted to pull some kung-fu (like I would really know what to do though). ;) This is something I definitely wouldn't mind r [...]

    18. Absolutely love this series! It's my 2nd time reading it. The scientific spin on vampires is very interesting. You also can't help but root for romance between 2 video game nerds. These books will definitely get your blood pumping!

    19. Este libro lo empecé solamente porque la idea de seguir con esta saga se me presentó como un desafío y por eso debí seguirla. Quizás la idea de los vampiros ya comienza a declinar y dejar de ser tan llamativos como lo eran antes, pero hay algunos que seguimos siendo fieles a ellos, aún cuando sea un tanto extraños y fuera de la tradición a la que se aferran muchos lectores, tema completamente comprensible.Vampiros creados gracias a que por su sangre habitan nanobots que reparan rápidame [...]

    20. I almost want to say I enjoyed this book more than the first one! In typical Argeneau fashion, this book was exactly what I expected. A fun, sexy, light read.Not too much action, not too much evil. The Argeneau family is, as many families, very involved. They all want to know what everyone is doing, and they want to be involved and help.Etienne is so sweet. Even though he's 300 years old, he's never been in love. But when he has a human trying to kill him when he figures out he's a vampire, he e [...]

    21. Like the first book, I liked it, but not loved it. There were some very funny moments, of course, but when I thought of all the other books I've got waiting for me, sometimes, I wanted to skip some pages.I was surprised that an issue didn't come up after Etienne feeds her "that" blood at the beginning. And then, Etienne delaying "the talk" If a 300 year-old man is not self confident at that age, then he's beyond hope ! And a simple human wants to kill a vampire and noone in the family moves ? An [...]

    22. I found Love Bites to be OK but not awesome. The plot is cute but retold over and over, the characters are fun but not fascinating and the book just doesn't draw you in, let's just say there is no "wow" in it. I have listened to both of the first two books in this series and I am not afraid to say that perhaps the narrator is lacking in this as well. The books have the potential to be very humorous but I don't think the narrator portrays that at all. I may continue this series but will probably [...]

    23. The novel starts off a bit like the TV Series Tru Calling if you have ever watched it starring Eliza Dushku with Rachel a young 25 year old Night-shift worker at the local morgue. The other main star of the novel is Etienne -a 400 year old silver-eyed vampire whose always trying to be killed. The first encounter between these two is when Rachel , not feeling well -gets a body brought to the morgue of a gunshot victim . The victim is silver-eyed Etienne , he starts to sit up and this causes Rache [...]

    24. It was goodbut didn't tip past like.Description:Etienne Argeneau's three hundred years of bachelorhood are at an end. He can only "turn" one human in his lifetime, and most of his kind reserved that power for creating a life mate. He has to save Rachel Garrett. He doesn't know her very well, but the beautiful coroner had saved his life. To save hers he would make her immortal. Rachel Garrett awakes surprised. All she'd wanted was to get off the night shift at the morgue; now here she is staggeri [...]

    25. A definite improvement over the first book. The characters and plot were more interesting. In this book we meet Etienne Argueneau older brother to Lissianna (the heroine from the 1st book), and video game designer. His arch nemesis, Pudge is delusional and wants to kill him. His attempts continue sending him accidentally to the morgue where he meets Rachel Garrett, coroner. After saving his life by sacrificing hers he decides to turn her to save her. Once that's done he has to attempt to convinc [...]

    26. Longe de ser tão envolvente como o livro anterior mas mesmo assim fez-me rir cada vez que Étienne entrou "morto" na morgue para aí acordar diante de Rachel. LOLAquela família Argeneau é o máximo mesmo!

    27. It's a good thing they're fearless vampires so that they can take care of any pesky mortals who are out to kill them. OH WAIT. They can't kill him! It would just be too sad to kill the would-be assassin because he's had such a hard life, and it is "too painful" to get into his mind to erase his memory of vampires. (Apparently even more painful than being shot in the chest or burnt to a miraculously not-destroyed crisp--we have learned already that fire is one of the only ways to kill a vampire, [...]

    28. Pros: It has great love scenes and humorCons: The concept is not very originalWhen Etienne, a vampire, finds himself in a night shift morgue on the slab, so to speak, in coroner Rachel Garrets care, he develops an attraction for her and ends up having to change her into a vampire to save her life.If you're looking for a new vampire romance series to get into this book is pretty good. However some of the following novels begin to get a little repetitive, in the the sense that after this one, the [...]

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