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Fog Magic

Fog Magic A Newbery Honor Book Greta had always loved the fog the soft gray mist that rolled in from the sea and drifted over the village The fog seemed to have a secret to tell her Then one day when Greta was

  • Title: Fog Magic
  • Author: Julia L. Sauer
  • ISBN: 9780140321630
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Newbery Honor Book Greta had always loved the fog the soft gray mist that rolled in from the sea and drifted over the village The fog seemed to have a secret to tell her Then one day when Greta was walking in the woods and the mist was closing in, she saw the dark outline of a stone house against the spruce trees a house where only an old cellar hole should have been.A Newbery Honor Book Greta had always loved the fog the soft gray mist that rolled in from the sea and drifted over the village The fog seemed to have a secret to tell her Then one day when Greta was walking in the woods and the mist was closing in, she saw the dark outline of a stone house against the spruce trees a house where only an old cellar hole should have been Then she saw a surrey come by, carrying a lady dressed in plum colored silk The woman beckoned for Greta to join her, and soon Greta found herself launched on an adventure that would take her back to a past that existed only through the magic of the fog.

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    1. Greta lives in a village in Nova Scotia during the 1940s. This costal village has sea mists and fog that covers the community, sending them indoors, but not Greta, from a young age she is drawn to the fog, and explores the changed landscape finding that during these foggy hours it has changed more than expected. Greta finds that an old part of the village, where the houses have burnt down leaving only cellar holes (view spoiler)[ this appears for her as the houses once were and whilst the fog la [...]

    2. My mother took care of Mrs. Sauer before her death and as a gift she gave her the three books she wrote, autographed. After my mother moved she passed these books onto me because she knew I enjoyed reading them growing up. It was a treat to re-read them now as an adult.Fog Magic was one of my favorite books as a child. It's a wonderful "ghost story" that I think has gotten better since the first time I have read it.

    3. “It’s the things you were born to that give you satisfaction in this world, Greta. [ . . . ] And maybe the fog’s one of them. Not happiness, mind! Satisfaction isn’t always happiness by a long sight; then again, it isn’t sorrow either. But the rocks and the spruces and the fogs of your own land are the things that nourish you. You can always have them no matter what else you find or what else you lose.” Greta Addington is 10 and lives in Little Valley, Nova Scotia. Unlike most in her [...]

    4. Title: Fog MagicAuthor: Julia L. SauerPublisher: PuffinRelease Date: 1943Rating: 5/5Cover Impressions: This is my favorite cover of this book and the one that I remember. It gets the old fishing village just right and has the beautiful, soft and ethereal quality of the fog.Review:When I was a little girl I discovered this book on the shelf of my tiny school library. I read it at least twice a year for the rest of my time at that school. It was my go-to book when I was feeling sad or lonely (whic [...]

    5. Ive read this a dozen times at least, it was favorite of my mothers and now a favorite of mine. Truly an escape, wonderment but not in a fantasy land, fairies and dragons kind of way. This small girls fascination with the fog takes her back in timebut not very far back, historically speaking, making it all the more tangible. Pick a foggy or rainy afternoon and read this.

    6. This book was absolutely beautiful, and in many ways it reminded me of the 1988 film Paperhouse. Its elements of magic and mystery entwined in a story of friendship, Fog Magic is a book that everyone should read.

    7. One of those awesome atmospheric children's books, with an unusual setting (or at least it was unusual to me)--maritime Canada.

    8. I love this enchanting and magical little book, and decided to treat myself to a first edition (1943) which arrived the day after Christmas, Boxing Day! It reminds me so much of Greenwillow, about another magical little village, another one of my favorite books (can one have too many "favorite" books?!) I lose myself in another world whenever I read these two books.

    9. My favorite thing about Fog Magic is when the fog comes in, Greta saw a different world. When she discovered the fog had magic in it was when she was looking for the milk cow and thought she saw a house in the fork of the road. Then Greta found friends on the other side of the mountain called Blue Cove. Her new friends name was Retha and Mrs. Morrill. My favorite part of the book was when Retha and Greta were picking berries and it was time for Greta to go home and Mrs. Morrill gave Greta a piec [...]

    10. It's very old-style, a series of visits from a girl who lives in one island village to the families and village that existed on another part of the island two generations ago (it's now vanished). There's no violence or big action, just interactions between people.And I can't really complain about why I didn't like it without spoiling the end. I apologize!

    11. Despite the title and the magical device of the fog allowing time travel, this book isn't really much of a fantasy -- it is about everyday life, family relationships, and the bittersweet experience of growing up.

    12. Fog Magic by Julia L. Sauer, ©1943. 5+ Stars. A wonderful middle grade book featuring irresistable fog as a means for a girl to time travel! A tale of a Nova Scotia family and their girl who is about to turn twelve, this book explores magical realism and takes us with it as it bends time to give us a peek of the main character Greta’s newfound world. Will reality and responsibility make her a different person when she grows up; will she forget? This book was so good it was a Newbery Honor rec [...]

    13. A long time ago when I was in 6th grade, I was digging through the bookshelf in our English classroom when I encountered this little gem.It had old-fashioned cover art, on top of which a gray Newberry seal was printed. Because I was obsessed with dates back then, I checked the published date for this one and discovered it was 1943.To me, that was obscenely old. That was during WWII! Because of its oldness, the gray medal, and its shortness (I was into giant 500-page fantasy books back then) I de [...]

    14. A sweet, simple, magical story about a girl who loves the fog and discovers in it a way to time travel to a nearby community in the past. I enjoyed how a number of plot threads are so realistically left unresolved as an explicit theme of the book. I understand the ending is a sore point for some readers, and I think I can describe the problem vaguely enough to not spoil it badly, but I'll put some spoiler tags around this anyway: (view spoiler)[Just before the end, it basically characterizes the [...]

    15. There's something peaceful and gentle about this book, much like the nature of the fog itself. While most of Gretta's little seaside village grumbles when the fog rolls in, Gretta is drawn to it. On her frequent walks, she often goes through a deserted village only in the fog, it's not so deserted anymore. Somehow, through the mist of the fog, she has stepped back in time. The story is a wonderful escape, worthy of the awards it earned when it was first printed in 1943.

    16. This is a lovely little book. I read it as a child and it stayed with me--every time I see fog I wonder if I could walk into it at just the right time and find a different world. I found it again in a box of books I had stored away and was glad to see it was as good as I remembered. It's well-written, and doesn't talk down to the young readers for whom it was intended. And any book that stays with you for 40+ years deserves 5 stars.

    17. I've loved this book for years, and it didn't let me down now either. While the end speeds up and comes too quickly, the book itself is still eerie and magical, and makes me want to live on Nova Scotia (or whatever island it's set on that's all foggy). Read this one with a girl who's a quiet, magic-lover.

    18. I found this book on my second grade teacher's shelf and absolutely fell in love. The story completely grabbed me -- enough so that I read it a second time later on and still think about to this day.

    19. An only child who loves the fog and lives in Nova Scotia by the sea circa 1940 (although it could have been earlier; there are minimal references to cars and that's about it) it has to be good. But, it falls short. This reads like an early draft ready to be developed. A little more depth to the characters. A little more to the plot. As it stands, I doubt that it will be one of those books that stays with me for very many years. (view spoiler)[Anthony is important to the enchantment of the tale, [...]

    20. my favorite part was when Greta was given the persian kitten as a gift for her twelfth birthday. my least favorite part was when Greta couldn't go back to her friends in Blue Cove again after her twelfth birthday. I found the story a bit boring.

    21. This review also appears on my blog, Read-at-Home Mom.On foggy days, 11-year-old Greta is able to travel back in time and visit the long-lost village of Blue Cove. There she meets Mrs. Morrill and her daughter, Retha, who become Greta's close friends. The visits continue for some months, giving Greta special glimpses into a past she has heard stories about her whole life. All the while, though, Greta's twelfth birthday approaches. On this day, everyone seems to know, Greta will grow too old to e [...]

    22. I thought this was a pretty darn good book - and what to expect from 1944, the year that also brought awards to Rufus M. and Little Town on the Prairie?!This book really is magical, but it's a ghost story as well. I thought that all the little stories throughout the book would tie in together at the ending, but really they stood on their own and had little to offer. Fog Magic was a clever way to introduce both the sorrows and simple joys of centuries past, and some of the stories were very sad w [...]

    23. I really enjoyed this book although it had a few flaws.I loved that it is beautiful written, you get lost in the language of Greta's Little Valley and where she "travels to by fog" - I loved the characters, especially her father (I wish there had been more of him) and the cat. It covers some topics lightly like the consequences of war, growing-up, & time-travel (some reviews call it is a ghost story, but it is not**)The negatives, some "stories" weren't tied up, there is a significance to th [...]

    24. Terrific prose and imagery are the hallmarks of this fine little novel. A child discovers she can travel back in time when the fog is thick enough and for an eventful year she makes several visits to the village of Blue Cove [the story takes place in Nova Scotia, Canada during WWII]. The friends she makes are charming and warm hearted. She listens to the stories of the people from Blue Cove and comes to love them. This is a "small" fantasy. The story plays out in a series of vignettes - each vis [...]

    25. Gretta lives in a village where fog is frequent fact of life. Most people hate it, as it means things never dry and makes it far more dangerous for the sea-fearing menfolk, but Gretta has always loved the fog. She is out walking one day when she sees buildings in the fog. A woman in a buggy picks her up and takes Gretta to the village of Blue Cove, a village that is deserted in Gretta’s time. This is a sweet, somewhat enchanting fantasy tale of a girl who is able to visit another place in anot [...]

    26. I remember this book from when I was a little girl. I read it in school, and it had me going out on foggy days, hoping to find my own magical village. I never did find houses or friends in the fog, but I did do a lot of exploring and discovering, which was almost as good. Just finished re-reading the book, and the richness of the story, as well as the life lesson, that each part of our lives is a season, and though things change as we grow, and we leave some things behind, new things will come i [...]

    27. This book was recommended by my mother in law after I noted how pretty the fog was while at her house for Christmas. It's a young adult novel, written in 1943. It's about a Nova Scotian girl who discovers that when the fog rolls into her fishing village, she can actually visit the neighboring village--which has been gone for decades and in her present life is just a bunch of cellar holes. It's a great story for those of us who love nostalgia (and fog).

    28. I wonder whether quite so leisurely paced a children's book could be published today; its impact is quiet, slow, and haunting like the fog. It fulfills that common wish of childhood to gain entry into a magical other world. If you enjoy lovely observations like "A dress you've worn and been happy in always gathers in and holds a sort of fragrance of happiness" and details of another world such as Sunday gloves washed and hung on the bars over the stove to dry, then this is a book for you.

    29. Great little read! Really liked the blending of periods with the presence of the fog, which tends to give everything a mystical sort of feeling. The author creates a visual of daily life in a prior time that made me feel like I was there observing it all with Greta. Would highly recommend this book to tweens.

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