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Sundome, Vol. 8

Sundome Vol As summer turns to fall Kurumi s condition takes a turn for the worse Hideo comforts her as only Hideo can but even he cannot ignore the signs of what is to come Remembering his promise to take Kuru

  • Title: Sundome, Vol. 8
  • Author: Kazuto Okada
  • ISBN: 9780316102391
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback
  • As summer turns to fall, Kurumi s condition takes a turn for the worse Hideo comforts her as only Hideo can, but even he cannot ignore the signs of what is to come Remembering his promise to take Kurumi to see the wave flowers, Hideo and the Roman Club rally their efforts to make her dream come true.

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      302 Kazuto Okada
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      Posted by:Kazuto Okada
      Published :2019-02-19T03:14:19+00:00

    1 thought on “Sundome, Vol. 8

    1. Much of the actual things that has happened in the ending of Sundome is left as an open intepretation for its readers. The sensuality of the last chapyers, although not as plenty as the previous ones, are definitely the most erotic the two protagonists has ever gone to. This is the ultimate blue balls manga, depriving Hideo Aiba of sex despite numerous extremely close encounters with Kurumi.I enjoyed reading Sundome for what it is, forgiving the sheer amount of ridiculous elements Sundome is stu [...]

    2. This is twisted and sad, but you have to start at the innocent start, treck through the depravity to arrive at the harbreaking truth.Excellent concept.

    3. This series obviously is aiming for fans of sex, funniness, and heartbreaking drama. I began reading this years ago, and only now finished the last two volumes. They're not horrible, and fun characters to boot. If you can accept women are reading fifty shades of gray, you could enjoy this one easily. The ending is pretty sad, and makes this a stronger story than it started at. Just note, if you read this, except a lot of boobs and butts, and weird crazy Japanese things.

    4. Primero que nada, este manga lo leí hace bastante tiempo. Tenía la reseña pendiente desde entonces, y dado que ahora me cuesta más leer que antes, por la cosa de los estudios y demás he decidido rescatarla de los borradores.El manga nos relata la vida de Hideo Aiba, un chico vírgen y perteneciente a un club de instituto en el que el único requerimiento es seguir vírgen para conseguir una beca para la universidad. La historia empieza con el ingreso de una chica nueva al instituto. Una chi [...]

    5. Esta review, aun que lo intente, no se puede basar solamente en el Tomo 8 de Sundome, ya que este tomo contiene el punto final a la serie completa, así que intentaré en él, hacer un análisis de lo que ha sido la serie completa de Sundome del 1 al 8.En este tomo y punto final de la historia se mantiene una tensión que viene acumulándose desde el primer capítulo de esta serie, y en este último tomo se revela y finaliza con una sorprendente claridad que hace que haya valido la pena la lectu [...]

    6. This is a strange manga I have no idea why I picked in the first place but it has feeeling! And the characters are true to themselves. Strange, sure, but true, and that's done beautifully here. This is a true S&M relationship that is full of respect and love (and weirdness, so much weirdness). And the ending was as expected but still heartfelt. Definetly one of the weirdest mangas I've read, but still very very worth it.

    7. Wow! What a frustrating ending! It just leaves speculation on what we think happened to Kurumi. Does anyone really know? Most definitely separates the optimists from the pessimists in life. Being a pessimist you should be able to guess what I think happen, but I don't want to spoil the story. Read the series for yourself.

    8. The ending threw me off for quite a while. but I knew it ended that way. we were all waiting for it. It is just so depressing ;-; it did live up to the title though.I feel there are unanswered questions though. Who was the older man that was around her. What illness did she have?

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