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The Magic and the Healing

The Magic and the Healing A family crisis has veterinary student BJ Vaughan about to give up on school until Dr Charles Dobbs makes her part of a special team of healers Dr Dobbs introduces BJ to a world of unicorns centaurs

  • Title: The Magic and the Healing
  • Author: Nick O'Donohoe
  • ISBN: 9780142407073
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Paperback
  • A family crisis has veterinary student BJ Vaughan about to give up on school, until Dr Charles Dobbs makes her part of a special team of healers Dr Dobbs introduces BJ to a world of unicorns, centaurs, and other wonderful creatures As she tends them, she discovers the wonder of magic through her healing touch An extraordinary novel of a world where medicine becomes maA family crisis has veterinary student BJ Vaughan about to give up on school, until Dr Charles Dobbs makes her part of a special team of healers Dr Dobbs introduces BJ to a world of unicorns, centaurs, and other wonderful creatures As she tends them, she discovers the wonder of magic through her healing touch An extraordinary novel of a world where medicine becomes magic.

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    1 thought on “The Magic and the Healing

    1. What a neat idea! Crossroads is an odd little kingdom, the meeting place of many lands including our own IF you know how to get there. Getting back is a bit of a trick, too. There are maps, although they're tricky & need to be updated frequently. All sorts wind up in Crossroads & generally get along pretty well together, but there are always flies in the ointment & several other vet students work there & learn a lot of great lessons without it being heavy-handed about it. They te [...]

    2. Interesting idea: Veterinary students called in on some very special cases . . . as in unicorns and griffins. Loved most of the characters, loved the world(s). Kind of wish there was a little less veterinary medicine, and a little more character/world development. The two major plotlines (one a mystery back in the mortal world, and one a looming war in the fantastical Crossroads) kind of got short shrift for my money. I also wanted more of the characters, more more more! Especially as they got t [...]

    3. I actually like all of O'Donohoe's books that I’ve read, but THE MAGIC AND THE HEALING is my hands-down favorite. Like so many other excellent books, it hit the massive ocean of Available Titles and vanished with nary a trace, at least so far as I know. I never see it on lists of great books, but it seriously deserves to be pulled back into the light of day. There don’t appear to be ebook versions, unfortunately, but it is still available in print.Do you happen to have a teenager around who [...]

    4. Simply wonderful. Another one of those books I wish I'd written -- engaging, vivid writing, memorable characters, believable character changes/journeys, and above all a great premise, with vet students being called on to treat mythical animals. I've read in other reviews that there was too much focus on the vet medicine aspect and too little on the fantasy, but for me the balance was perfect. The author adds his own unique little touches to familiar creatures (unicorns, fauns, centaurs, griffins [...]

    5. I loved this book. It combines the best of fantasy with such serious and heartbreaking topics. I cannot wait to get the next one. It is like an adult version of Fablehaven( also WONDERFUL). I don't know how I missed this in the nineties. I am going to give a copy to our vets! AND I NEED a Flowerbinder.

    6. Not exactly a cult classic, but maybe the secret former favorite of every woman who was ever a girl who loved to read fantasy and wanted to be a veterinarian when she grew up. I don't fall into that category, but this was loaned to me by two people who did. I suddenly got the urge to re-read this, possibly because I stumbled across a mention of First Aid for Fairies and Other Fabled Beasts.When I was a teenager, I loved this because the idea of walking and (sometimes) talking mythical creatures [...]

    7. This reads like such quintessentially 80s fantasy that I was astonished to see the 1994 copyright date. It's one of my favourite tropes -- normal people go into a fantasy world -- with the very interesting twist that the normal people are not The Prophesied Heroes (well, not exactly) but they're vet students who are there to do medicine on mythical creatures. Both the love of animals and the need to make difficult decisions comes through, and O'Donohoe put real work into the cultural anthropolog [...]

    8. an occasionally unevenly-written "normal people end up in a fantasy land" sort of tale, only SWEET BABY MONKEY IT'S ABOUT VETERINARIANS TREATING UNICORNS AND WHATNOT is a 4th year vet student in the middle of a brutal life upheaval that makes her question whether she can finish school. on the verge of walking out the door, she's invited by a large animal prof to join an ambulatory rotation, where she finds herself again by finding herself in an entirely different world. there's a somewhat superf [...]

    9. There's a particular genre of fantasy novels that I call "disgruntled graduate student escapes to alternate universe." I suspect many of them are written by actual current or former disgruntled graduate students. This novel takes the genre and twists it around in new and satisfying directions. Our heroine, a veterinary student who recently experienced the death of her mother and flunked the first class in her life as a result, is invited to participate in a most unusual makeup class. Read it, an [...]

    10. The fantasy aspects were not terribly original but it was a new twist to combine them with vet medicine. (How to treat a werewolf with a tumor and other stories.) I found it sobering to read about a heroine with Huntingon's disease. Made the book a bit hard to get through.

    11. Very good urban fantasy novel from an author I hadn't heard of before.Grabbed off my shelf at random. It's a book about large animal vets, soif you're squeamish about the details of delivering breach births from horsesand such then you may have to skip over a few parts. But it was fun to seethe usual fantasy creatures mapped into the world of veterinary medicine.I also really liked the way the main character's personal trauma was handled.It was in the background throughout the story and colored [...]

    12. I thought this book was so good, I can't even put it into words, I'm not even kidding. I was first introduced to this book by my librarian, and I thought I'd check it out. (Besides, my first two initials are BJ and for a long time, I wanted to be a vet.) So when I first started reading the book, I started feeling dread. This was a book written in the 90s (and I don't usually read books written before the 21st century, or in other words, my time), it had terminology that I was not familiar with, [...]

    13. For some strange reason this book is not a classic of fantasy literature, but it certainly deserves to be. I can't say how many times I've read it, but my copy is certainly rather dog-eared. It follows a vet student, BJ, who is dealing with the possibility of having inherited Huntington's chorea, the fatal congenital disease that has destroyed her family. As BJ is trying to deal with her mother's recent death, the need to undergo testing to see if she is carrying the gene herself, and the possib [...]

    14. Something just felt off about this book as I read it. I was interested in the characters and the world that was introduced, but it feels like the technical procedures were expanded upon to the detriment of character development and world-building.Let me start with the things I did like about the book. I thought it was hilarious how the people in Crossroads learn their English from books, and how it affects their speech. I was interested in the network of roads and the idea that you need a map to [...]

    15. BJ is in her last year at school to become a vet, but she's ready to pack it all up and leave after her mother commits suicide. When one of her teachers, Sugar Dobbs, asks her to sign up for another rotation, she wants to say no. Almost against her will she's drawn into the world of Crossroads, where she treats mythological creatures. But always, lurking in the back of her mind, is the knowledge of her mother's incurable, genetic disease, a disease she has a very high chance of possessing.This b [...]

    16. The concept alone had me hooked on this book. When I read the premise of a veterinarian tending to mythological creatures, I thought How can this not be good?' And I wasn't wrong as it is definitely good. But it misses the mark of being really great.While the concept is a hit, everything else in the book is a bit of a struggle to get through. The overall plot, writing, and characters are harder to swallow. Characterization is severely lacking. Of the three female vet students that make up the ma [...]

    17. This felt very different from other books I've read. So, while it felt rather slow-paced and a bit dry, I think it was because I took so long to finish it and didn't have a favorite book to compare it to.That said, I liked the setting, although I would have appreciated more info on how Crossroads worked at the beginning of the story. The characters were great too, although, again, I wanted more info earlier. Maybe that's the person in me who wants less "mystery" when it comes to fantasy. The plo [...]

    18. This book focuses on veterinarians, which is sort of rare - most fiction goes for people doctors, not animal ones. In this one, there's a secret, final rotation that some vet students get selected for, where they treat animals like unicorns and griffins. This was an interesting premise, and had some pretty heavy "real world" stuff contrasting with the stuff going on in Crossroads, where all the magical creatures were. Some of the developments near the end seemed sort of rushed though, and the en [...]

    19. BJ is in her last year of vet school, but in the aftermath of her mother's suicide, she feels like her life is in shambles and is prepared to give it all up. When she's assigned a special class, though, she discovers a new world that might pull her back to veterinary sciences.On one hand, this book obviously wants to be a "realistic" fantasy, and it succeeds in many ways. While the world of Crossroads is inhabited by mythical creatures, there's no magic to tend them; the students have to work wi [...]

    20. I've read the sequel to this book (The Magic and the Healing) many times, but have never actually read the first book. (This seems to be a habit for me. Ah well.)Once I got my hands on a copy, I ended up really enjoying it. The overarching plot of the two books (the invasion of crossroads) is thinner in this book than in the second. Instead, the focus is more on the vet students' cases, treating unicorns and other mythical creatures. I enjoyed that aspect of the book, which lost nothing at all b [...]

    21. Oh dear. This book was VERY silly (veteranarian students brought over to a fantasy world in order to do large-animal vet work on unicorns and werewolves), but had a good heart. I especially liked the halting romance between the main character and a satyr, and the unicorns' mating ritual was lovely. It's a book that I think would appeal to a much younger audience than I was when I read it, although it would have done better if the characterizations had been just a tad less two-dimensional. (No ki [...]

    22. I have read this book before and found it increasingly difficult to find it and the other two books in the series in the libraries. I finally was able to purchase this book at a used book sale and have just finished reading it again. I would like to find the other two at a local used book store but may have to resort to buying it online.I highly recommend it to readers of fantasy, lovers of mythical animals, exotic veterinary medicine, etc.

    23. A bit of James Herriot, Tamora Pierce and Neil Gaiman all rolled into one. I like the concept of The Crossroads -- a magical place between worlds where the 'misfits' or unaccepted can go. The modern veterinary medicine on mythical creatures (like unicorns, griffins, and Wyr - werewolves) is an intersting twist. I enjoyed this book and will probably read the sequels.

    24. This was a cute read. I haven't delved into any fantasy in quite some time, but the idea of a fantastical beast vet was intriguing and new. The characters are somewhat stock, but that didn't bother me too much. Fairly predictable, but still enjoyable. Don't know that I'll read anymore in the series, but I did have fun with this one.

    25. The story seemed rather episodic, with some kind of "big bad" plot hinted at in the background. Even though the main character struggled with a serious health problem, the resolution wasn't very interesting. The ending, when the "big bad" finally interacted with the rest of the characters, made up for the episodes, and this reader decided to read the sequel after all.

    26. One of my favorite fantasy series! I read this in junior high school for the first time and re-read it about once a year since. Not extremely fast paced but an enjoyable romp through a world that would be amazing to visit.

    27. So this is a book about veterinarians who go to a fantasy world. I was sure it would be charming. In fact, it was more awesome than even the premise would suggest.

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