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Glamour Rae Wilder has problems Supernatural creatures swarm the earth and humanity is on the brink of extinction Stalked by a handsome fairy who claims she is like him demonkind Rae thinks maybe it was a

  • Title: Glamour
  • Author: Penelope Fletcher
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Rae Wilder has problems Supernatural creatures swarm the earth, and humanity is on the brink of extinction Stalked by a handsome fairy who claims she is like him, demonkind, Rae thinks maybe it was a mistake breaking the rules by going over the Wall into demon territory Plunged into a world of dark magics, fierce creatures, and ritual sacrifice, she is charged with a guRae Wilder has problems Supernatural creatures swarm the earth, and humanity is on the brink of extinction Stalked by a handsome fairy who claims she is like him, demonkind, Rae thinks maybe it was a mistake breaking the rules by going over the Wall into demon territory Plunged into a world of dark magics, fierce creatures, and ritual sacrifice, she is charged with a guarding a magical amulet The changes to her mind and body are startling, but rather than accept her purpose she struggles against who she is destined to be Throw in a big lust for a vampire who can t keep his hands off her, and life starts to get complicated Rae is forced to make the ultimate choice to live and die human, or embrace her birth right and wield magics that could turn her into something wicked, a force of nature nothing can control.

    • Õ Glamour || ☆ PDF Read by ¼ Penelope Fletcher
      131 Penelope Fletcher
    • thumbnail Title: Õ Glamour || ☆ PDF Read by ¼ Penelope Fletcher
      Posted by:Penelope Fletcher
      Published :2019-01-10T12:24:23+00:00

    1 thought on “Glamour

    1. Check out my other book reviews at my blog; The Title Page*WARNING* I use what might be considered offensive language in this review, buyer beware.Glamour starts with Rae, a super awesome fast runner, absolutely gorgeous, better at everything than everyone, chick who is studying to kill demons. She breaks out of the protective walls through a hole that mysteriously appeared right in front of her (umm ok.) and takes a run in the woods, where demons and evil stuff lives.Sounds like a plan.After ru [...]

    2. I'm 2/3 of the way through this book and am currently debating whether or not I should continue reading it. I enjoyed the initial premise of Rae finding out that she is a demon and exploring her powers and learning about herself. However, not enough time is taken to get to know any of the characters, and the plot moves along so quickly that the story is choppy. My main frustration with this book is the tawdry love triangle that is occurring. It reminds me way too much of Twilight (which I could [...]

    3. I am really disappointed in this one. It sounds so good, and it was free, and I was excited to read it. Unfortunately I only got to 40% before it came down to either giving it up as abandoned or clawing my eyes out because I tried to read another word and… well, I like having eyes. The mortal enemy of this novel, and this storyline (which still has potential) was apparently time. It was rushed. It was all rushed. The 40% I read all took place within a few hours. A few hours. And it was painful [...]

    4. Page 126 of 187. Done. I can't go any further, no I refuse to go any further. My blood pressure is up, I have a migrane, my eye is twitching, my throat is burning with bileI just can't, I'm going to need some serious medical attention if I continue this read. Rae you Floozy! You are the epitome of everything I despise in a female protagonist! You are stupid, so very stupid and I honestly believe you have a mental condition that prevents you from keeping your hormones in check whenever you catch [...]

    5. Upon finishing this book, I was overcome with a sense of sadness. I've felt that way before, like when I finished the last Harry Potter book, or when I finished The Hunger Games trilogy. Those books were so good, I was very sad to see them end. However, the sadness I felt when I finished Demon Girl had nothing to do with my love of the book. I'm upset because this book COULD HAVE BEEN great. Ya know how sometimes, particularly when you're talking excitedly, your words get ahead of your brain? I [...]

    6. Let me start of by saying that this is one of the worst books I've ever read. I can describe everything I felt about Demon Girl in one word- terrible. I understand that the target audience for this book is teenage girls so there probably is some bias against the story on my part since I am a twenty eight year old guy. Therefore, to be fair with this review, I am going to put on my hypothetical English-teacher-hat and base my review on other more provable flaws with this book as much as I will my [...]

    7. This book is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has been clustered inside walled cities to guard against demons (vampires, witches, fairies, etc). Rae is a girl training to become a Cleric until one day she discovers she is a fairy. So, starts this book. The entire storyline takes place in 2 days but, oh boy! does a lot happen in 2 days. Rae is thrust into a war between 2 fairy factions, 2 love interests (the fairy named Breandan and the vampire named Tomas) and so on I found the ide [...]

    8. I want to give this book a glowing review, I really do. But I just can't. This is the biggest rush job of a piece of literature that I've ever read. First, grammar and spelling were atrocious. It's obvious that the only editor who's gone over this thing is automatic spell check. Example, repeatedly I saw things like trial where it should have been trail. There were some sentances that completely lost their direction midway through and some that were so convoluted I'd read them three times, then [...]

    9. WARNING: Editor Needed. Apply c/o Demon Girl.I had asked some friends of mine on Twitter what indie books I should give a try since I've been on the search for the best ones. I should not have listened to my niece. She is 14. She liked this book.You know what? I liked this book too. I had seen the bad reviews on here which didn't deter me [they never do]. It made me want to see just what was the problem with Demon Girl.Grammar. Edting. I used to work as a copywriter for a magazine in Toronto. No [...]

    10. Brutally Horrifying! Gory Filled Dark Paranormal!First let me state that this is a Young Adult Read and that this is usually not my type of read so the rating in my opinion may be off for some of the younger groups. My rating is 2 ½ Stars but am rounding up to a 3 Star.Definitely a book full of the dark side of paranormal! The author has created a world filled with Demon Fairies, Vampires, Voodoo Witch Magic and Humans strive to co-exist. If you like the brutal savagery sacrifice of innocent hu [...]

    11. Okay, this book doesn’t need much of my over analysis, nor does it need me inferring all the super-secret squirrel influences that I often see in the stories. I’ll cut to the chase. 3 stars (More realistically around 3.5. It got better as it went on so I expect the next one, or may be the third one due to the sophomore slump, will be even better.) Plot vs. Post-apocalyptic Earth. The Penelope Fletcher’s vision of post-apocalyptic Earth where humans lived in walled fortresses and struggled [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book! I was a little dubious when I started reading it, but once I got into the swing of it, I didn't put it down. The story is rather fast paced, but I liked that, some stories tend to drag things out, so it was refreshing to see everything happen so quick. Rae didn't have much time to process things because her world turned upside down overnight.I admit, I liked the triangle. I do love a good angsty love triangle. Given everything that has happened, I don't blame Rae for [...]

    13. Glamour by Penelope FletcherDNF @ 18%I'm incredibly disappointed by this one. I went into this expecting to have a lot of fun. I knew this wasn't going to be a ground breaking novel, but I at least expected it to be decent. This was painful. In the 18% that I read, I felt as if I lost several brain cells and my common sense had been tossed out the window. The writing is atrocious and cringe inducing. Descriptions like "lightening dark" are used to describe the sky. I'm aware that Penelope Fletch [...]

    14. I am very torn with this book. Some of it f*cking rocked, and some of it was a clusterf*ck of wtf. I will start with the writing. It was very well written. I LOVE good first person narratives. They are hard to do, but if you ace it the way Fletcher has, then it is AMAZING. Being in Rae's head the whole time is great. It was funny, entertaining, and the language used was fantastic. For example:"I was pissed, tired, had a full bladder and an empty stomach, and he was making it worse."I laughed out [...]

    15. MUch-shuck, how old was I when I tried to read this one? Maybe 12? That was a loooong while ago and even my pre-teen, therefore by default, extremely lame, brain found this one tres horrible. I remeber liking all these quotes at the beginning of the chapters, and sometimes the imagery was pretty(that's what I remember; it'll probably be sparkly now), but the overall story was too crappy, and it was also one of the first love-triangles I'd read, and I detested it.The MC and her special-snowflake- [...]

    16. First of all, this is the first book I have read on my new Nook. :) That being said, there were a lot of errors, the Nook Editors really need to step up their game. It made the book hard to enjoy when I am spotting typos left and right. Secondly, I gave this book 3 stars and maybe it only deserves 2, but I did enjoy it. The characters were vastly underdeveloped, and the relationships between them were unreliable and unrealistic (at best). I know those of you out there are thinking "It's a FANTAS [...]

    17. It was a fairly quick read and I enjoyed every bit of it. Although, there were some editing issues. I have read alot of fairy books and this one definitely stands alone. It wasn't like anything else I have read. I enjoyed the characters and Rae the main character is hilarious. She is a strong, spunky, very independent girl who is not about to let any guy tell her what to do of feel. Something every girl will envy. Not only that she seems to have every hot guy in the palm of her hand! Loved the B [...]

    18. Demon Girl, an independently published ebook by Penelope Fletcher, is the first in the Rae Wilder series and, if you’re feeling brave, it’s currently available from ManyBooks as a free download. Originally released in 2010 the ebook is currently being re-edited (praise be to the gods of writing). The new edition, with a shinny new cover and re-titled Glamour, is due for release at the end of March 2012. This review is in response to the 2010 version. What it's aboutOn a post-apocalyptic eart [...]

    19. First off, this is a 3 star review, because I LIKED the book. I know some people don't like 3 star reviews, thinking it's a negative thing, but I did LIKE the book. WHAT I WAS NEUTRAL ABOUTThe lead character of Rae is very flighty, impulsive, and passionate. Her history, life situation, and the revelations of her heritage all made perfect sense for a complex character. The thing isRae isn't that complex. Basically when offered option A-The Right Choice or Option B-The Wrong Choice, you know Rae [...]

    20. A great concept - a tough, if slightly undecided, heroine, a dizzying world of fae creatures, a war against not only humans but rebel fairy forces all point to what should be a stellar read, but for me this book fell short of expectations. I personally felt it could have been fleshed out a bit more, relationships explored more, one example being Rae and her Cleric friends, and perhaps told over more than one night. It just felt rushed and the connections the characters were meant to have/develop [...]

    21. Ebook was free Price I would willingly pay: £0.25The Bad:1. I'm going to say it, and i truly mean it, Enough with the goddamn Twilight Love Triangle destiny rubbish, good god it has been done to death, and it is so unrealistic, and i am saying that about a fantasy book. It is terible, "oh he is my destiny, nothing could ever come between us" "Oh wait i have such a connection with this other guy" please enough!2. Things happened so quickly, Their fighting, then the enemies are fighting together, [...]

    22. I read this because it was a free Nookbook, and now I can see why. The story itself had an interesting premise, but it devolved very quickly into what read like bad fan-fic, in the same style as the Twilight books. The worst thing, though, was that it was clear the writer either had no editor or a really awful one. The sheer number of typos and errors made trying to get into the story incredibly difficult. I kept having to pause to figure out her intent because of all the misplaced commas, or to [...]

    23. DNF at 10%. I can literally count the # of books I have done this with on one hand. This book is THAT bad. The grammar is atrocious, misspellings, fragmented sentences, you name it. It is in need of some serious editing. The world building is practically non-existent up until this point and not much of anything makes sense other than they must be in some sort of post-apocalytpic world where demons have taken over and humans are protected by other highly trained humans called Clerics in some sort [...]

    24. I've had this book on my radar for a while and I finally decided to read it this weekend. There are a couple things I don't like about the book.1. Spelling and grammatical errors. Also errors with the format of the book. Some paragraphs were spaced out and just looked really weird and confusing. When there should have been a "where" there was a were. Totally different words with completely different meanings.2. Rae, the main character is more wishy washy than Bella from Twilight. Of course there [...]

    25. $0.99 on : 22 JAN 2016This is a book I read when I first got my Kindle and was one-clicking freebies and cheap books (we all go through that initial giddy phase - or do we ever really leave it?). At the time, I quite liked this. No, it's not perfect, and I might not even like it anymore if I were to do a re-read. I guess my standards were lower then, but I think this is around the time I discovered Twilight (yes, I was a late bloomer), My Blood Approves, and the Sookie Stackhouse books and was j [...]

    26. Quite frankly I felt like this book lacked definition. I think you really have to nail down your characters before you plunge into a story but I was too confused to understand what the author was trying to tell us. The characters DID NOT SPARK for me. When it seems they have no choice but to be together it feels forced. She used the word confused a lotke 29 times. That's just what I wasCONFUSED!

    27. The premise of the book holds potential yet it is executed poorly. The time frame is ridiculously short, resulting in what can only be referred to as a clusterFuck of events that are thrown like snowballs, they initially hit you hard but then just melt away into nothing. The female protagonist is fickle and to be honest an emotional tart and the author lacks the ability to weave the threads of plot so it's all rather messy. It feels like she had too many ideas and tried to force feed us them all [...]

    28. Let's cut to the chase, folks. Penelope Fletcher's Demon Girl was way too past-paced, with little to no character development; a rather illogical love triangle, and very difficult to read. This is all in great part due to the bad pacing, the horrible grammar, the spelling mistakes, the missing words, the lack of transitions between some scenes, etc. I often considered dropping it, especially when I had I give up on trying to understand what was going on, on what the author meant.One thing that s [...]

    29. I don't even know how to start this review. Sadly I felt like I should have taken notes so that everything I felt I needed to say wouldn't be missed or forgotten. What needs to be forgotten? Over 60% of this book. The thing about this book that really upsets me? It could have been a great book. Rae, main character of this book learns that she is not a human. Great, so we should all be prepared for information and truth and character building into the demon that she is right? Wrong. I kept readin [...]

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