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El jarrón azul

El jarr n azul Impressive story about self help For men and women who never give up The author shares experiences for those who want to become succesful in life

  • Title: El jarrón azul
  • Author: Peter B. Kyne Carlos Alberto Sánchez
  • ISBN: 9789709404623
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Paperback
  • Impressive story about self help For men and women who never give up The author shares experiences for those who want to become succesful in life.

    • Ì El jarrón azul || ✓ PDF Read by ☆ Peter B. Kyne Carlos Alberto Sánchez
      129 Peter B. Kyne Carlos Alberto Sánchez
    • thumbnail Title: Ì El jarrón azul || ✓ PDF Read by ☆ Peter B. Kyne Carlos Alberto Sánchez
      Posted by:Peter B. Kyne Carlos Alberto Sánchez
      Published :2019-03-14T09:48:40+00:00

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    1. There is an abundance of knowledge available to us; there are libraries, websites, mentors, and lessons learned the hard way. There are goals to reach, mountains to climb, lives to change, and new roads to travel. We have dreams, we have passions, and we have must-dos, can-dos, and should-dos. All of us have within us the power to make great strides for a better world for ourselves, our families, and the generations to follow. These achievements take personal and professional forms, sometimes a [...]

    2. A very short parable (you can read it during your lunch hour) on how a young unemployed veteran is handed the opportunity to take his career to the top (if he succeeds) or go down in flames and ruin his career (if he fails). The book runs along the lines of the "Who Moved My Cheese" approach (though it was written in the 20's) of using a short story to explain a few very basic (though powerful) principles. This book really sums up the guiding principle of consulting: Even if you aren't sure you [...]

    3. For anyone who doesn't wish to buy the (audio)book, you can download this off librivox (volunteers who make public domain versions of audiobooks of books that have since passed into the public domain) or the full text off Google books.This was a very nice short story about tireless persistence and ingenuity with the primary character being a "disabled" veteran of WWI (contrasted with other lazy workers the bosses knew) who consistently beats the almost "impossible" odds stacked against him and a [...]

    4. I'm use to my mind wandering or falling asleep after 15-30min2hours later the book is done!The Story Kept me engaged and wanting to hear what was next. Bill Peck Values something that I feel has been watered down and lost its value over the years, His Word. One man at a time we can Build Strength into Our Word so the Phrase "My Word Is My Bond" and the Value it Brings can Mean something once more! Starting with Me! I Commit to Myself, I Give My WORD to Myself to Become a Go Getter For Myself For [...]

    5. This is a wonderful short about the story of a go-getter. Peck a war veteran demonstrates the qualities of a go-getter. What you have here is a war veteran with an amputated leg and hand. Yet, with singular focus and determination he manages to get his job done. Many people might read this and think, this is just silly, but I believe it's a matter of perspective. You can read it and each person will learn something based on his own flaws.This book written in 1920 taught me a few things:- The mot [...]

    6. Short book - can easily be read in one sitting - but powerfully inspirational. Get this book on your shelf and read it often!

    7. My workplace gave all employees a copy of The Go Getter and encouraged us to read the book and to come up with our own "Blue Vase." There was also apparently a short story by P.G. Wodehouse of the same name and so to avoid confusion I found a couple of places that referenced this book by Kyne as Winning the Blue Vase. Other versions add the (original?) subtitle "A Story that Tells You how to Be One."The book is a very short read (only about 70 pages) and our edition came with an afterword of ano [...]

    8. The Go-Getter is a great little motivational book. Although written by Peter Kyne just after the Great War in 1921, the message, which is mostly about the importance of persistence, is still highly relevant today. The irony is that I was given this book as part of a sales recognition program in 1991 (thank you Jack Poole), and it’s taken me 24 years to finally get around to reading it. As with many motivational books, it is a parable that shows you how to make your own opportunities in life. T [...]

    9. I added this book when Chris Hogen on EntreLeadership Podcast was doing their "Must Read" segment early 2014. The premise is about doing what ever is needed to reach your goals.This hour long audiobook is entertaining, but is difficult at first as it is written with very "old-school" language. This took a minute to get over and eventually made the story very pleasant. The next/biggest problem I have with the story line is that it challenges the character's morality. Not to give away anything, bu [...]

    10. Written in the 1920s, when the business of America was business, this reprint tells a story of how a handicapped man used his "go-getter" attitude to overcome the odds. Now in this new century, companies are handing this book out to employees to bring back the old work ethic.A WWI veteran asks an eminent company executive for a job. In order to get that precious position, the disabled man must pass the Blue Vase Test (which means he has to find this object and deliver it at a certain time). As t [...]

    11. A quick read about getting the job done. It tells the story of a veteran who wants a job with a lumber company and his resolve to get the job. When he gets the job, unbeknownst to him. he is put to a test . The story continues with his resolve to finish the task.

    12. This fictional story of a World War II amputee and his crafty but well meaning albeit unbiased and impartial employer "Cappy" Rick not only warms the deepest cockles of every heart but also serves as a beacon of inspiration. This book needs to read by everyone, young and old, able and the differently abled, prince and pretender. All of 76 pages, this work will make you go to it again and again and again. The exploits and the admirable determination of William Peck in spite of being seriously mai [...]

    13. Quick read with valuable lessons, straightforward characters, and funny situations. I don't read a lot of literature from this period so the dialect was different from what I'm used to, but I definitely laughed out loud at a lot of Cappy's lines! This is a book you can read in an hour on a lazy Sunday and then use to reflect on your own life afterward.

    14. Great points illustrated in this story about perseverance and never losing focus on the end goal. Unlike the current books solicited to drive this point home, "The Go-Getter" is a tale written in 1921 to illustrate some great points. Not your average business or leadership book. Interesting read! I read it since it's on Dave Ramsey's team's must-read list and I was not disappointed.

    15. Short, but powerful parable story about powering through obstacles, as well as how to be a leader who promotes growth. This book can be read in under an hour - perfect for a waiting room read or lunch hour time passer. Will definitely be required reading for any future employees, as well as children of mine.

    16. A fairly quick 45 page read written in the twenties. The written old language is a bit to get used to but it eventually flows. For me, this book was about setting specific goals and being persistent in achieving it. No matter what obstacle gets in the way the character still overcomes it. A sheer test of strength and endurance. A good read worth coming back to in times of doubt.

    17. A very quick read that basically tries to induce the go-getter attitude into the readers through a quick story. Definitely worth a try, especially because the amount of time the reader needs to invest is very less, and yet is inspiring.

    18. This was a very inspirational read in a short amount of time.I highly recommend this short read. It is truly inspiring. It made me laugh and then unexpectedly bawl my eyes out. My motivation to be a go getter is re-jetted.

    19. Quick read. Too quick, actually. Really riveting. The story demonstrates well the need for go-getters. It teaches the lesson of a work ethic, exhausting the options, and sticking with something until it's done. All lessons that most employees struggle with.

    20. Quick and to the point- basically, are you wishy washy in your commitments and attitude, or do you say "It shall be done"? A short story illustrating how easy it can be to stop as soon as we hit an obstacle, but that successful people, the go-getters, are those that don't let obstacles deter them.

    21. You will hang on, to how it 's done. Compelling reading. WILL be an example to persevere, for what is of value to you. June an author to read agsin

    22. Great Read!!!!!Easily a story that tells the true test and dedication a person may have to perform a certain task they have been assigned no matter what their circumstances are.

    23. An easy readRecommended reading from Steve Siebold. Could be seen as out of date, but the emotions are timeless. "It shall be done."

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