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Narrows Gate

Narrows Gate An epic novel in the spirit of The Godfather and On the Waterfront Narrows Gate follows the lives of three men in the dangerous and seductive environment of a Mob riddled New Jersey waterfront town b

  • Title: Narrows Gate
  • Author: Jim Fusilli Joe Pantoliano
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 118
  • Format: MP3 CD
  • An epic novel in the spirit of The Godfather and On the Waterfront, Narrows Gate follows the lives of three men in the dangerous and seductive environment of a Mob riddled New Jersey waterfront town before, during, and after World War II.Publishers Summary

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    1 thought on “Narrows Gate

    1. This is a sprawling, epic novel set in a fictional New Jersey town that sounds a lot like Hoboken. It takes place in the years surrounding the Second World War, a time when this waterfront community was deeply infested by the mob. Different Mafia factions are struggling for power and place, and against that backdrop, the lives of a number of characters play out.The three principal characters have known each other since childhood. The first, Leo Bell, is anxious to escape the boundaries of the co [...]

    2. Narrows Gate is the kind of immigrant neighborhood in New York that everyone is familiar with from books and movies. Lots of poverty, but close-knit families. Not many chances for economic success leading to enterprising men making their way however they can. Started as an Italian immigrant neighborhood, by WWII it was divided between the Italians and the Irish.This is the world Leo Bell, his friend Sal Benno, and Bebe Marsela grow up in. Each chooses a different path for his life. Leo is smart [...]

    3. Narrows Gate is a quick and lively piece of genre fiction that demands little from the reader yet gives back a compelling if familiar mob story in return. Do you want a generation-spanning and self-serious American novel, the kind of book that wins awards from stuffy reviewers but bores the hell out of everyone else? Move along. Want a reliable crime story for your commute or next long flight? Jim Fusilli wrote this guilty little pleasure for you. The story follows the rise and fall of a pop sin [...]

    4. This is an epic novel revolving around the lives of two best friends and a classmate who makes it big in music. Beginning in the 1930's through the war and beyond, the story is set in the mythical town of Narrows Gate, NJ , a town described as having more Sicilians than any town in Sicily. Though it's not a Mafia novel, the gumbahs play a prominent role in the lives of all three characters. Now I listened to this book on Audible, making it impossible to miss the author's humor and irony, not to [...]

    5. When I decided to read this book, I was excited about the possibility of reading a saga length book on Narrow's Gate. I really got into the characters of Leo Bell (my favorite) and Sal Benno. They were growing up as friends in very tough neighborhood. Sal knew Leo's secret and decided to protect him. Sal wasn't interested in school like most of the kids in the neighborhood but Leo was. Leo was drawn to books and libraries as a way of protecting himself. I like these two characters the most. The [...]

    6. "Narrows Gate" opens onto a movie house playing a feature you may already have seen. But that doesn't mean you won't want to see it again. Jim Fusilli's Big Mob Opera is a straight-shooting affair that fits squarely within the genre, eschewing experimentation or roaming outside the lines. "Narrows Gate," starts in New Jersey, across the Hudson River from the main stem, the Big Apple, but travels to London, Madrid, Hollywood, Havana, East Africa, and points in between. Across this vast panorama F [...]

    7. Jim Fusilli 19s NARROWS GATE is a fast moving thrill ride that should take it 19s place next to other great gangster novels like THE GODFATHER.At first glance, this book seems like it may be THE GODFATHER rewrapped. There 19s a struggling singer, an aging Don, and people that want to muscle in on his territory: all reminiscent of Mario Puzo 19s great novel about the Corleone family. But there is always room for another good story, even if some of the elements have been seen before, and NARROWS G [...]

    8. With Narrows Gate the author of a handful of NYC "private-eye" tales provides us with a Mafia drama. From what I've read this novel was pieced together/expanded from a handful of short stories and the result is a mixed bag. If you are familiar with the military novels of WEB Griffin, this reads much like a mafia version of those books with a straightforward, not too deep plot and a set of "stock" characters.Set across the river from Manhattan in New Jersey, with a time-line from the late 1920's [...]

    9. For fans of the likes of "The Godfather" (Puzo's novel and the Francis Coppola )film, Robert DeNiro's film, "A Bronx Tale" (which in a way this novel resembles most closely) and/or those addicted to HBO series like The "Soprano's" and "Boardwalk Empire". "Narrows Gate"'s main story line is a román a clef based on the early life and rise to super-star jazz/pop singing phenomenon, of a skinny, awkward Italian kid from Narrows Gate(a NJ town which the author situates in a way that says, Hoboken), [...]

    10. NARROWS GATEBy Jim FusilliThis could have been a very good Mafia book if it weren’t such a vicious, cruel and thinly veiled character assassination about an American Icon. We’re well aware that it is a fictional depiction, but the brutality and judgments were very harsh and unnecessary.The story of the two friends growing up in the years around World War II in the very dangerous immigrant neighborhood of NARROWS GATE captures a time and an era when they were forced into choices that have a g [...]

    11. One third through it and realized I have no interest in these characters and nothing of consequence was happening. Rare for me to give up on a book like this, especially from an author whose work I've enjoyed in the past.This is a "saga" following boys from the hood in a small (fictional) hamlet in New Jersey filled w/ ethnic immigrants (Irish/Italian/Jewish) to tell their interconnected stories over the years. Mafia, WWII, etc.Reviews have compared this to The Godfather. I understand the compar [...]

    12. I adore The Godfather - the book was lovely pulp fun and, of course, Coppolla turned into something much much more with his films (even the third one that left a lot to be desired). Mr. Fusilli's novel suffers from covering similar territory and not doing it nearly as well.This book covers quite a bit of territory with some interesting and vital characters contained within, although the most interesting characters are not the major ones. I really wanted that New York City early Mob days feel, an [...]

    13. Fusilli offers a detailed account of how the lives of these friends — who are on such different paths in life — continue to intertwine and bring them back to where it all started in Narrows Gate. For anyone who loves mobster stories or has an appreciation for old New York, this is a fantastic tale that will draw you in from beginning to end and have you enraptured by the intricate detail and storytelling. Even for those who aren’t fascinated by the mob life, “Narrows Gate” is a book th [...]

    14. Multilayered drama, spanning a couple of decades, a fair few states, and numerous characters. It will take a while to get through, but it gives you time to build a relationship with the main characters. I found it hard to keep track of many of the bit-parts though - remembering who was on who's side and which role they played.It was well written once you get used to the language - not just the dialogue is laid out as a sicilian would talk.

    15. definitely not the great American novelThe plot is lifted from "The Godfather" and just about every other novel dealing with the mob. The characters are weak, under developed caricatures of other characters in other novels and real life. Still, it's an entertaining read that doesn't require much brain effort.

    16. I just didn't care for this book. I wasn't interested in the main character, and I forced myself to finish it. Hope springs eternal. I don't think it was the author's fault, I just picked up the wrong genre.

    17. The first chapter was slow and I almost did not read further. I stuck with it and once the second chapter began the main characters were introduced and the book became so enjoyable. This is one of thw btter books I have read in a very long time.

    18. I'm not real sure I'm giving this a proper rating. I listened to this book and I think it may have been better read. There were a lot of characters that needed to be kept track of so if you weren't paying really close attention you easily got lost. But growing up in JC made the book interesting.

    19. This was a long intricate story of two childhood friends living in Narrow's Gate. A New York neighborhood before, during, and after WW II. Full of mobsters, music, relationships, and Sicilians, and Jews. It certainly wasn't boring.

    20. Enjoyable, if derivative, mob fiction with a long story arc involving the New Jersey mob from before the depression through the Kefauver Hearings in the 50s.

    21. This is an enjoyable novel set in a fictional NJ city, which I believe is actually Hoboken. There are many well drawn characters.

    22. This was a solid mob story. A fun read, and the OC pedigree of Sinatra is explored in greater detail than was done in the Godfather. I would put this right up there with Wiseguys and the Godfather.

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